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Brand New Acft and I need some help.


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I personally don't like the USAF official rules for being non-gender specific and politically correct about naming airplanes. I know some units have gone so far as to get official approval for a name. At some point you may be forced to conform. For now, do what seems appropriate.

We have one airplane that I refer to as "Horse With No Name" because of the song by the same name, the crew chief wouldn't name it and the song parallels (at one time) recent unit history. I had gone through Loadmaster school, did my seasoning training and then we were activated and off to start OIF. To this day the airplane still has no name attached to it.

I like the idea of pig names for the Herk. Not at all to be derogatory- quite the opposite. They just seem to fit because they are portly and work very well and often in the dirt. One of my favorite ideas is "Thunder Pig". I realize you guys most likely never take the wheels off concrete, so this may not work for you. But, it's a direction.

Congratulations and good luck!

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