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C-130 Engine (AE2100)


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Hello my name is Maarten, I am a Belgian last year high school student: aircraft technology. For my graduation I have to write a paper about the eingines of the C-130 Hercules. I've found a lot of information about the Allison T56 but it's more difficult to find the wright information about the Rolls Royce AE2100 engine. I need to know the differences between those two engines so I can compare them with each other. Do you know websites I have to visit or can you tell me somthing about those engines, any kind of information is welcome. If someone can help me with it I will be most thankful.

Grtz Maarten

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The Rolls-Royce website is a good place to start, with product sheets for both the T56 and AE2100:


C-130E = T56-A-7

C-130H = T56-A-15 (single shaft, mechanical controls)

L-100 = 501-D22A (commercial version of T56)

C-130J = AE2100D3 (two shaft, full digital controls (FADEC), higher flat rating than T56 (more power at higher density altitude))

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Here's another briefing from Rolls-Royce with some high-level differences: http://www.lockheedmartin.com/content/dam/lockheed/data/aero/documents/global-sustainment/product-support/2012HOC-Presentations/Monday/Mon%201550%20Habersham-Rolls%20Royce-Roy%20Griffin.pdf

AE2100D3 major improvements over T56:

Two shaft (eliminates need for safety coupling and NTS system, allows speed optimization of individual turbine stages)

Digital controls (FADEC, precise control and measurement)

Higher pressure ratio (reduced fuel consumption and more power at higher density altitude)

Reduced part count (maintenance and weight savings)

Improved aerodynamic efficiency of turbine blades (reduced fuel consumption)

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