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Can anyone update us on LRF?

I think the AETC is still clear; 48 AS J models and 62 AS H's from ARF units

But 19AW confuses me.

I think 41 AS has J's, last I heard 50 AS had 92 and 93 H models, and 53 and 61 had 74 H models from Dyess.

Some of the 92-93 H's have gone to Dobbins and the some 74 H models went to CT, MT and the Afghans. So who is flying what now?



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One of our H2s is still out there in a pool of legacy trainers. Some of our newbies came back with time on it, so I assume the number of users of pool has been reduced. I know the 189 AW is doing all legacy flight training now.

I believe it came up here that the Js are all 19 AW and supposedly don't belong to a specific squadron. However, I believe the J squadrons are 41 (deploy) and 48 (training). I saw an article within the last week or so that the 50 AS has the reserve squadron (I thought they were supposed to be 327 AS?..) flying with them.

Long story short AD has decided that they are going all-J. Any planned TFI units will be with the J units. All legacy airplanes will be relegated to the Guard and Reserve. I think Little Rock has quickly headed in that direction.

Interesting how we're back to 1970 again.... New airplanes in AD and old in reserve units.

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Here's the skinny. In the 19AW, the 41st AS is all J and the 61st AS is almost all J. The 61st should be an all J unit (personnel) by the end of the FY, but will not have its full compliment of tails yet. The 50th and 53rd are still flying H3s, H1s, and 1 or 2 Super E's. In the 314th AW, the 48th is J and the 62nd is augmenting the 189th AW with the legacy FTU mission. AFRC still has its fingers in the legacy FTU mission, but is moving to a TFI style unit with the 50th. All legacy FTU missions are H2s (79-91 tails). There is rumor that AFRC will go J here at Little Rock, but mind you there are no less than a dozen COA's for the slick J's coming out of Keesler. Only the future will tell. The biggest problem is that the AD is well overmanned with legacy crewmembers. I've been told that there will not be any AD crews going through the legacy FTU in FY15.

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