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I got a good update on SAAF Herks this weekend from Paul Zethof.

I edited it so it would fit.If anyone has more knowledge of the SAAF Herks, would appreciate the info.

Especially the whereabouts of 405, or the fates of 410 and 412.



Dear friends:

Last weekend I visited the show at Waterkloof, South Africa.

There was one C130J-30 from Ramstein and C130B 402 was operating out of Swartkop, we overflew Swartkop but did not see any other C130's over there, no other Herks at Waterkloof, just the stored ones.

I was told that 5 are still operational. 405 was flying some months ago.

Have attached some pics form 3 stored C130's, 404, 407 and 411 , no sign of 410 and 412 but believe these have been scrapped some years ago together with the C160 Transal fleet.

Have also attached a link regarding C130B SAAF.

As soon as I have finished the sorting out of the rest of the images I will send you these, 402 Saaf and Usaf C130J-30.

Also heard that Airbus military made a new offer for A400M and CN295 and will give work to Denel, let's see what will come up, there is no money anyway......

Hope you enjoy the pics and find the news useful.



401 - Flying

402 - Flying

403 - Flying

404 - Damaged

405 - Missing ?

406 - Flying

407 - In Parts

408 - ex USAF C130B - Needs Major Maintenance

409 - ex USAF C130B - Flying

410- ex USN C130F - Never used? Parts ?

411 ex USN C-130F - Retired- Time expired

412 ex USN C130F - Never used ? Parts

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