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Could anyone clear up my confusion about USCG Herks. I just read a good article in AFM about the USCG.

They are getting 13 or 14 C-27's. An Admiral said that was enough aircraft for three CG Air Stations.

The article said the first HC-27's would go to Sacramento.

Right now they have 4 CGAS's with HC-144's Mobile, Corpus, Miami and Otis.

They have 5 CGAS's with Herks. Elizabeth City with J's and Kodiak getting J's and three with H's Clearwater, Barbers Point, and Sacramento. I know 7 Herks are going to the USFS. What about all the other H's? Are the HC-27's replacing the Herks or are they opening up new bases? Would HC-27's have the range required to operate out of Barbers Point?

Thanks in Advance,


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From what I've gathered the Coasties had planned to retain a mixed fleet of HC-130Hs and Js. This was later revised and plans called for reducing the HC-130H fleet to 16 frames by 2017 (and later to just 11). I'm told that the plans for additional HC-130J purchases are being reviewed as the service tries to figure out how to best integrate the HC-27J into its fleet. Five HC-130Js are currently on order, which will bring the total to 11.


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