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ANG Herks


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I am trying to help someone looking into ANG Airlift Support Herks.

Aircraft flown by ANG non airlift units, mostly fighter units.

Years ago they were a way to replace the old C-131's/ T-29's flown by the ANG

I made up a list with what I had notes on but I know I missed some.

Any help would be appreciated. The letters at the end just refer to the model.



107 TFS MC 61-2645B

122 TFS LA 62-1859E 65-0967H 79-0480H

123 FIS OR 56-0485A 56-0530A 56-0531A 56-0535A

141 TFS NJ 57-0513A

152 TFS AZ 54-1637A 56-0493A

157TFS SC 64-0520E 65-0985H 79-0476H

159 FIS FL 64-0521E 64-14866H 79-0475H

160 TFS AL 79-0474H

176 TFS WI 55-0023A 58-0758B

178 FIS ND 58-0715B

186 FIS MT 58-0750B

188 TFS NM 54-1639A 62-3495B

199 FIS HI 55-0030A 55-0047A 57-0471A 79-0473H 79-0478H

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