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C-130 News: Off They Go: Three More C-130Js Delivered


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MARIETTA, Ga., March 24, 2015 – Three variants of the C-130J Super Hercules aircraft were recently delivered to U.S. military operators from the Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] Aeronautics facility located here.


On March 19, a U.S. Air Force crew took delivery of and ferried an MC-130J Commando II Special Operations tanker aircraft that is assigned to Air Force Special Operations Command’s 353rd Special Operations Group at Kadena Air Base, Japan.
(12-5763 c/n 5763)
Photo by Andrew McMurtrie.


On March 24, a U.S. Air Force crew ferried an HC-130J Combat King II personnel recovery aircraft assigned to Air Combat Command’s (ACC) 347th Rescue Group at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia. That aircraft was officially delivered to the U.S. Government on March 20.
(11-5765 c/n 5765)
Photo by Todd R. McQueen.


Also on March 19, an HC-130J long-range search and rescue aircraft for the U.S. Coast Guard was delivered and ferried to Lockheed Martin’s Greenville, South Carolina, site for post-production modifications, including paint and finishes. This aircraft will be re-delivered to the U.S. Coast Guard in 2016.
(2008 c/n 5766)
Photo by Andrew McMurtrie.

View Original article: http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/new...delivered.html

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c/n 5754 should be 665 C-130J-30 was noted at Dobbins about six months ago but like with the other Israeli has not appeared since. c/n 5767 is 169018/QH KC-130J. Few others due off the line which should be allocated to the below.

5768(12-5768) HC-130J USAFTBD2015      
5769(12-5769) HC-130J USAFTBD2015      
5770(13-5770) AC-130J USAFTBD2015      
5771      2015      
5772(13-5772) MC-130J USAFTBD2015      
5773(13-5773) HC-130J USAFTBD2015      
5774      2015      
5775      2015      
5776(13-5776) AC-130J USAFTBD2015      
5777(13-5777) MC-130J USAFTBD2015      
5778(13-5778) MC-130J USAFTBD2015      
5779(13-5779) MC-130J USAFTBD2015      
5780  C130J-30 Indian AF        
5781  C130J-30 Indian AF        
5782  C130J-30 Indian AF        
5783  C130J-30 Indian AF        
5784  C130J-30 Indian AF        
5785  C130J-30 Indian AF        


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Anyone know which models and serial numbers and who received 5754 and 5762
Also are either of both of the Israeli Herks 5723 and 5742 KC's?

Just found the answer to one question 12-5762 is an MC-130J at 17 SOS

As PerfManJ pointed out the Israeli Herks are -30's, but they are UARRSI equipped. (Universal Aerial Refueling Receptacle Slipway Installation).

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The current and CORRECT listing...

5774 HC-130J USCG
5775 HC/MC-130J USAF
5776 HC/MC-130J USAF
5777 HC/MC-130J USAF
5778 HC/MC-130J USAF
5779 KC-130J Saudi Arabia
5780 KC-130J Saudi Arabia < Herk number 2500
5781 C-130J-30 Israel (equipped with UARRSI)
5782 HC/MC-130J USAF
5783 HC/MC-130J USAF
5786 C-130J-30 USAF
5787 HC/MC-130J USAF
5788 HC/MC-130J USAF
5789 HC/MC-130J USAF

I don't know if HC or MC. They roll down the line under the same code.

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