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  1. I was told that Google maps shows a C-130 fuselage sitting in a field next to the Brazos River, outside Waco Texas. Sure enough I found it too. It's painted in CG colors and appears to be complete from the 737 forward with part of the center wing box still attached. It almost looks like somebody made it a nice hunting shack! We thought we knew where all the old CG Hercs ended up, but this one has us puzzled. Does anybody have any info on this one? Coordinates are 31.683850, -97.209271 Thanks!
  2. No, the 1502 and 1503 are still flying, but they're scheduled to be parked later this year. Here's a pic of the 1504 sitting on the civilian ramp at E-City.
  3. Vector/CSP is looking for experianced individuals for training positions in Clovis, NM. Please reply to [email protected]
  4. The "All Herks" dated 20 June 2014 has the CG 2007 as c/n 5754, CG 2008 as c/n 5758, and the next one, 2009 as c/n 5772...? I've seen the 2009 on the line as 5774. Looks like we need an update!Thanks!Senior
  5. There appears to be another wingless bird directly behind the "Iron Horse"...you can see an empty aft nacelle and horz stab tip under the RH armpit area... Senior
  6. CGRetired


    Bob I sent an update via email. There are 2 aircraft in the USFS pipeline. One was already in the CW line at Robins when the orders came down. It will also get new outer wings and the USFS paint job. The second aircraft is on the way out the CG door. Both aircraft are getting the MAFFS mod. BTW Larry, the AF didn't have a choice, it was in the language of the bill that they would pay for the mods...
  7. Yep, that's the 1721. Sequestration took the money away for a paint job, so the CG is flying it with a 'unique' paint scheme. It has very low hours compared to the rest of the fleet, that's why the CG took it back...for "free"...it wasn't so free after de-mod... Believe it or not, it's one of those slated to go over to the forest service in the next few years... CV880, was the wing dip with the dome on it? I seem to remember that. Senior
  8. I have a request for information and I'm hoping the gang here at C130HQ/Herkybirds can help. Aircraft 5121, CG 1721 is back on active duty in the Coast Guard. This is the aircraft that had the E-2 rotodome on it. The "1521c" picture is from it's Air Force days and the "1521d" picture is from its Navy days. We (the Coast Guard) are de-modding the airframe for future use. We are researching the aircraft records for the time it was serving in the Air Force and the Navy. The reason for this research is to ensure all the CG required inspections, TCTOs, etc were accomplished over the past 10+ years. While we have been able to reconstruct the Navy's records, we have a slight problem finding the records for the time she was serving in the Air Force. Can anybody put me in contact with anybody that can find out where these records may be? I can supply a contact number when needed. Thanks a lot! Senior sends
  9. I remember her! I flew on her out at CGAS Sacramento. We had to learn about LOX with that one! She was a "loaner" after the 1600 went in up at Attu Island in July '82. She still had the internal fuel tanks...that made for some lloonngg days/nights on patrol over the Pacific. Glad to hear she's still flyin'!
  10. I wanted to let you guys know that "Biff" Barger, USCG C-130 FE and later a Lockheed C-130 Tech Rep crossed the bar this past Friday. He was 69. He spoke of flying "the old B models" and told many a tale of working for Lockheed as a C-130 rep in Peoria, Ill. Niagra Falls, NY, Tunisia, Niger and Egypt. He also flew for the Coastal Geodetic Survey in R5Ds. He will be missed. RIP Master Chief.
  11. Looks like "artistic liberties" were taken with a Lynden paint job. It also looks like the Alaskan flag is still just aft of the crew entrance door.
  12. Sorry BDizzle I'll have to decline naming sources. It is interesting that the gear is up and the problem pieces are dangling. Senior
  13. That is what we used to do. Still do in some extreme cases. BUT, part of the process is, after cruise engine shutdown, you set everything up for air start (including NTS checks prior to shutdown), that way if anything exciting happens, push it into air start and hopefully you get the fan back. I've been out of the flight deck for awhile now so if I missed something... I remember one pilot would show young(er) copilots that with two shut down and 1 in flight idle, you could still maintain straight and level flight for a while you sorted out the mess that got in you in that predicament... Hell, flying around for 8-12 hours looking at water, you got to know this bird, we played "what-if" a lot... Senior
  14. The the all-knowing Herc-Masters out there: Have you ever used or know of a MLG brake Force Measuring Tool, P/N 5078-TCA? It's in the JGs, but here's where it gets interesting, it's optional to use on the "H"s (let's just say non-"J") and mandatory on the "J"s. I've even included a picture. I've worked on these birds for 29+ years, changed, rigged & checked many a brake (single and multi disc) and never used one. Sorry, no prizes just thanks (and an adult beverage if your ever my way) We don't have one and are having trouble getting one without paying the LM markup. Thanks again! Senior sends
  15. How's this Tiny? Senior
  16. This article was in the latest Ptero newsletter.
  17. That would explain the safety supp concerning 'H's coming out of overhaul at Robins? So after 40 fuelings apparently there is no problem??
  18. n1dp has it right. The "Racing Stripe" was comissioned in 1967 and the fleet started to get repainted at their next scheduled PDM. So that would have made it '68-ish through '72-ish time frame. I was trying to find the picture of the ramp with a mixed bag with no luck. I'll continue to dig.
  19. Bob Sure! Hmmm, how big is the file? SS
  20. I bet I can look behind a couple of panels inside and tell you if it's '1341. There will be a reference to "Red Fred" inside...
  21. There's another one just down the road at Naval Supply Center, Cheatham Annex that you can get to. The Navy uses it as a load trainer. I drove back to it a couple of months ago. I didn't get a number but it looks like an A model. Senior sends.
  22. I'd be interested in a picture of CG1341. We've thought she was scrapped. Thanks in Advance! Senior sends. I lost your address when my computer crashed. I have a new one but a lot of addresses were lost. If you want I can send you a copy of the picture I posted below just send me your address. Bob
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