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  • core_pfield_13
    Photography, Radio Control Sailplanes, Building high end gaming computers..


  • core_pfield_11
    Apr 1981-May 2005 Retired USAF.

    1981-1984 KC-135A Crew Chief Wursmith, AFB. Michigan

    1984-1987 C-130E Crew Chief Pope AFB, North Carolina
    Spent time in Alpha and Bravo sections

    1987-1990 EC-130H Crew Chief Sembach, AB. Germany
    66 CAMS

    1990-2005 C-130E Crew Chief Little Rock, AFB. Arkansas
    50th, 62nd and 53rd
  • core_pfield_12
    Newport News, VA.
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    Purchase for a local construction company..

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  1. M_Wales


    This was my girl for a couple of years and we traveled a lot together. My name is still on her side in a couple of these pic's. The picture was taken while TDY to DM back in the mid. 90's
  2. I forgot I have a couple of Lars books and see where from the 23rd edition, Langley to the 25th edition, Camp Perry. Thanks Guys...
  3. I googled Camp Perry, Va. and found this picture. Prohibited: Camera & Photographic equipment Not sure this would be a good idea...
  4. I was looking around awhile back on google earth and noticed that there was a Herk parked out on Camp Perry here in Virginia. Camp Perry is only a few miles up I-64 from my house here in Newport News and I'm thinking about paying it a visit and trying to get some pictures of it. Now thats if they don't run me off eh!!! May give it a shot this coming weekend. Anyone know what Tail it is? Thanks Mark
  5. jmitch, I think you have it all wrong. Being a crew chief you 5 (e-model crews) crew dogs were there to fly me to off station parties, bars and brothels in some real nice and not so nice locations all over the world..
  6. Billy.. How the hell are ya? Long time... Welcome to the board... I spent the last 15 years of my 24 at Little Rock and enjoyed it.. I was in all the sqaudrons but the 61st, and retired from the 53rd in 2005. I really enjoyed crewing the old girls, but never once wated to be a FE. Good luck and learn all you can... I would love to do it all over again if I could.. Mark Wales
  7. Thanks Casey for all the work you put into getting the site back up. I was beginning to think it was gone forever
  8. I remember seeing this many, many years ago... Loved it then and love it now... But as far as the Aircraft bite goes. Around Herks I think that most of us have been bitten by the main gear outer door support bracket more than anything else.. I can still feel that thing digging into my back from time to time..
  9. I was at Pope when they left to be modded, but I caught up with 6 of them at Sembach in 1987-1990.
  10. Wow thats high in a herk... Shortly after that those Super E's/H's from Little Rock became EC-130H's...
  11. Sorry, but I can't remember. That was during the summer ROTE in 1986.
  12. We had to burn a lot of fuel and step to that 31k alt.
  13. How high have you flown in a Herk? 31,000 ft.. Highest I've been in a herk, but I'm sure a lot of you have been higher. This was on our way to Andoya, Norway.. 15" mercury. Nice and tight for a 1963 model..
  14. I crosstrained onto Herks in 1984 and seen a couple at Pope and later at Little Rock.. Never Found one... Found this on eBay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/LOCKHEED-C-130-CENTER-CAP-HORN-BUTTON-REPLICA-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem2c508d127aQQitemZ190329983610QQptZMotorsQ5fAviationQ5fPartsQ5fGear
  15. I forgot all about the Alert Pad chow hall when I was in SAC @ Wurtsmith AFB in Michigan pulling alert with KC-135A models. They did have some good grub in the hole. I don't miss heating water, dumping water and refilling water one bit on those A models..
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