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  1. Hey all need some help. we currently have aircraft here that have the system deactivated but we still have the hydro lines installed. Does anyone know what T.O. that is in or were I can find them?
  2. anyone got any history or past experiences on this girl. working on a history to put in her plotters table.
  3. Hey looking for info on two birds for one of our Crew Chiefs who used to crew these girls the tail numbers are 63-7799 and 63-7860 any help would be appreciated.
  4. Engine/prop conferece? oh ya im closing up shop and headed there now. hahhaha
  5. Im used to putting them on and having to pull them off a week later. We had a OI come down that we were no longer using them. I was ready with paperwork in hand to have them shipped off and out of my hair until about a week ago when I was told to prep them for reinstall. they have been sitting under a overhang for about a year now so this will be very interesting.
  6. I am currently at Moody AFB and have been instructed to have all of our bins (including overhead bins) ready for reconfiguration. We are having sheetmetal come in and fix cracks and try to make new nets for the front. my question is does anyone have any specific guidance on the repair of these bins or by chance pictures of these bins installed? im trying to get these back to like new condition any help is appreciated.
  7. Common tiny you came up and looked at them and well We are thinking of having jousting matches with them
  8. Hey Tiny come up to your local -21 and they are up here just ask for Sorrells
  9. We have these hf radio wingtip probes in our shop from an old ABCCC that was modded into a HC-130P and we need to get rid of them anyone know any part numbers of anykind or know who takes these back they take up a good amount of space. [img size=845]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/ec_130e_allied2.jpg
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