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AMARG came out with a new list of aircraft. Some answers some question? Anyone who can fill in the gaps please help! Bob

AC-130U 90000163 09/22/15

The first U boat to AMARG

 C-130H 73001597 10/05/15

Cracked Gear


C-130H 78000809 09/29/15

C-130H 79000474 09/28/15

C-130H 82000058 10/05/15

End of the Fiscal Year, dumping H’s

HC-130H 00001700 10/01/15

Not previously identified for the Forest Service? To?

HC-130P 65000976 09/17/15

HC-130P 64014864 09/17/15

HC-130P 64014853 09/29/15

HC-130P 65000970 09/28/15

Four from Patrick, corrosion reported, left only 1 P at Patrick, they got 2 replacements from Moody

KC-130R 00160626 09/01/15  There were 3 KC-130F’s and 3 KC-130R’s flying in VX Squadrons.

They are to be replaced by KC-130T’s F’s 148891, 893, 897, and R’s 160625, 626, 627.

891, 893 and now 626 have made it to AMARG. 897 may have been damaged beyond repair at Pt Mugu and may be scrapped there.

KC-130T 00162785 06/02/15  For?

Third ex VMGR-234 KC-130T to AMARG, first two reported for the PI 162786 and 163022 are no longer at AMARG

Three other ex-VMGR-234 T’s 163591, 164100, 164598 and one ex VMGR-452 164597 are now at VR-55. 163023 also ex VMGR-234 is now at VX-30

MC-130H 88000192 09/30/15 17

MC-130H 89000281 09/21/15 17

First 2 complete MC-130H’s to AMARG



I tried to make HC-130H as USCG but couldn't


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