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Silver Birds


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A few days ago Sam and I had a bit of a discussion regarding the time frame (Vietnam) that our 314th Herks were painted "camo". I can't find that post so I'll start another right here. I thought I had several pictures to attach but could, readily, find just a few and unfortunately only one of them I can put an exact date, that is pic #1 taken 18 Jan. 1966. We moved the 28th infantry inland (to Ben Hoa, I think), know later as the Nha Trang Shuttle. I was assistant crew chief assigned to 877, but I was also assigned to MOS. So I'm not sure if the bird shown is 877 or not. This is where a lot of us maint types got screwed. A lot of us were assigned aircraft, but the powers to be insisted that maint be accomplished within the MOS system, but whenever something came along we were suddenly crew chiefs again. It was quite late in 1966 that I was back on my plane and flying with it regularly.  I have no clue as to where I took #2, but it's interesting in that the aircraft is a 1964 model and the TAC shield is still on the tail section. I think that #3 was taken at Nha Trang, but not sure. Far left is Dave Ohmart (whom, I see at least yearly) middle is Sgt. Middleton, super guy, and on right is Norm Plantz, my best friend, passed away several years ago. I think #4 was at Cam Rahn Bay. #5 was sent to me by Dave Ohmart after I rotated (Jan. 1967), he is on the far end of the litter. Herk still in silver. I know that these don't prove any firm time line for herks being painted, but my recollection of 314th  birds in silver well into 1966 seems possible.























#2 C-130E 40498.jpg


#4 loading-C-130.jpg

#5 RC 348.jpg

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