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C-130 News: France To Order Four C-130J Super Hercules Aircraft From US


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France formally decided to order four C-130J Super Hercules aircraft from the US, marking a major step toward filling a pressing need for tactical transport and in-flight refueling, two French defense specialists said.

"Our defense minister has just authorized the purchase of four US C-130Js," one of the sources said Dec. 15.

That key decision was taken at a Dec. 15 meeting of the ministerial investment committee and clears the way for French officials to negotiate a purchase and speedy delivery under a foreign military sale deal, the second source said.

The sources declined to give their names as they were not cleared for briefing on a subject seen as politically sensitive.

The Direction générale de l'armement procurement office declined comment.

"The decision has been taken," the second source said. "This is very good news for the armed forces, particularly the Army and special forces."

The French services are eager for an early delivery, faster than the standard 36 months once a contract has been signed.

There are doubts whether the contract will be signed before the end of the year, as some staff are due to go on leave as Dec. 25 nears. The order is expected to exceed an earmarked €330 million budget, but the extra funds will likely be found through adjustments in the budget, the second source said.

An option of buying secondhand Lockheed Martin C-130Js from the British Royal Air Force failed to win favor, as these aircraft were seen as worn out after flying intensively in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The US government assures the C-130J will stay in service until 2050, seen as a long-term commitment to support investment in the aircraft, the second source said.

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France confirms buying four C-130J US transport planes.

French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian confirmed today that Paris will buy four Lockheed Martin C-130J tactical transport planes, in a deal that was announced by the United States in November.

The purchase, to compensate for a delay in deliveries of the Airbus A 400M, was said to be worth USD 650 million.

Le Drian, addressing troops at a military base in Jordan used by French air forces for attacks on the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq said "despite budget constraints, the president (of France) decided to give our armed forces all the means to pursue your missions." 


Source: NSN.com

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The French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) ordered on Jan. 29 2016 four brand new C-130J Super Hercules military airlifters from the US Air Force. Two of the aircraft will be fitted with aerial refuelling systems, the DGA announced today.
France Defense Procurement Agency orders four new C 130J Super Hercules airlifters 640 001A C-130J Super Hercules military transport aircraft
This announcement directly follows the decision made by the French Defense Minister, Jean-Yves le Drian, on Dec. 15 2015. This acquisition is made within the Foreign Military Sale procedure. It also includes support, staff training and initial operability condition.

The two first aircraft will be delivered by late 2017 and early 2018 and the two aerial refuelling aircraft in 2019.

These four aircraft will reinforce the medium lift capability of the French Air Force, currently consisting of ageing C-160 Transall and C-130H Hercules.

Source: http://www.airrecognition.com/index.php/archive-world-worldwide-news-air-force-aviation-aerospace-air-military-defence-industry/global-defense-security-news/global-news-2016/february/2361-france-s-defense-procurement-agency-orders-four-new-c-130j-super-hercules-airlifters.html

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