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Living Room Airdrop


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Re the news article about the Living Room Drop

My VP Bob Radley and I were the loadmasters on this project.  Aircraft was International Air Response N118TG (ex-RC-130A 57-0512), shot in November at the Jameson Tank DZ at Coolidge, AZ.  There were three identical living rooms, each weighing about 2,500 pounds.  All were gravity ejected using CDS flaps settings.  Basically around 10 percent or flaps up, depending on the weight at drop time.  A simple release consisted of a loop of 1-inch tubular webbing through a centerline floor tiedown ring, manually cut at "Green Light".   Drops 1 and 3 had no parachutes.  On drop 2, a Wamore GPS guided (JPADS) chute was used.  Jeff Provenzano rode all three of them down from 14,000 feet to about 4,000 before he got off.  #1 was mildly unstable while #3 was wildly unstable so discretion being the better part of valor, Jeff got off a bit earlier.  #2 was very stable and any of the times you see the platform not moving much and Jeff kicking back or playing with the game controller, you can be sure it was from drop #2.  The suspension slings and parachute were removed in post-production via movie magic.  Notice the accuracy of the touchdown of drop #2, right in front of the cameras.  Just like we planned it (right!!).  Being a dog person, I'm still bummed that they wouldn't let us drop the cat.  We had a dog on the shoot but I think he wound up on the cutting room floor along with the crew (as usual).  They made a "making of" film, which is very good too and also a short film to reassure the world that we didn't hurt the cat.  I'll put links to all three here.

I've dropped a lot of different and weird stuff over the past 53 years, but this is the first  "Living Room".

Rule The Living Room From 10,000 Feet

The Making Of "Rule The Living Room"

The Living Room Cat

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