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Lockheed Martin has begun flight tests of its LM-100J commercial freighter version of the C-130J Hercules military airlifter, with FAA certification planned for 2018. The aircraft made its first flight from Marietta, Georgia, on May 25.

The LM-100J is one of a growing list of commercial products from the defense contractors, including the LMH-1 heavy-lift cargo hybrid airship and LM-XE small long-endurance unmanned aircraft system, which is based on the military Stalker XE.

A second LM-100J is in final assembly, and first deliveries to the still-undisclosed launch customer are scheduled for 2018. The LM-100J is a version of the long-body C-130J-30 and a follow-on to the L-100 civil Hercules produced up to the early 1990s.

The main changes from the C-130J are the deletion of military-specific hardware and software, including provisions for defensive countermeasures, secure communications and electronic warfare systems, formation lights and station-keeping equipment.

The main external difference is the lack of lower windows below the windscreen. Internally, the LM-100J has a simpler gaseous-oxygen system rather than liquid oxygen. The Rolls-Royce AE21000-D3 engines, Dowty propellers and the cargo-handling system are the same as the C-130J’s.

The LM-100J can carry a 40,000-lb. payload 2,450 nm. One of the target markets is in the development of remote areas, including mining and oil and gas exploration. Lockheed is also targeting this market with the LMH-1, which is designed to carry 47,000 lb. 1,400 nm but does not require runways. The hybrid airship is scheduled to fly in 2018, and deliveries are planned to begin in 2019. Lockheed Martin is at Chalet 324 and Static Display C2.

Source: http://aviationweek.com/paris-air-show-2017/lockheed-begins-lm-100j-commercial-hercules-flights