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Robert Podboy
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Hercules makes the impossible

possible in a remote wilderness.

Perhaps Hercules can help your country.

Gold and silver are being mined in an area of Canada hundreds of miles from any road, train or port.

Without Hercules, these riches could not be mined. The Lockheed Hercules flies in mining equipment, bulldozers, tractors, fuel oil, food and everything needed to run the mines. Then it flies out the gold and silver that has been mined. In the summer, it lands on gravel. In the winter, it lands on a frozen lake.

This is typical Hercules work. It goes where other planes cannot possibly go. And it also carries loads impossible for other aircraft.

The gold and silver could be copper. Or tungsten or manganese. Or fresh produce. Whatever the cargo, Hercules can get to it – and handle it.

Is there a remote area in you country that awaits development? Think about Hercules. It makes the impossible possible all over the world.


Contact Director of International Sales, Lockheed-Georgia Company, Zone 1, Marietta, GA 30063, U.S.A.                                 Telex 542642 Lockheed Mara.

Lockheed Hercules

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