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Robert Podboy

Feats of Hercules


At Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the dramatic highlight of the 15-day joint United States Army-Air Force winter training maneuvers was another impressive “Feat of Hercules: 25 Lockheed prop-jet C-130 HERCULES transports paradropped 1,000 combat-ready infantrymen and battle equipment – in less than 10 minutes.

Powered by four General Motors Allison Prop-jet Engines, the mighty C-130 HERCULES holds the world’s record for the heaviest load ever parachute-extracted from a plane: 30,370 pounds. At the touch of a push-button, paradrop cargo glides out the huge 2,75 x 3 m aft cargo door of the HERCULES – and floats down to land with bull’s-eye accuracy at the spots where it is needed.

At 61300kg gross weight the HERCULES can take off over a 15 m obstacle in 1300m. Airborne, it climbs 12,5 m/sek, attains 9000 m altitudes, and cruises at 565 km/h. Landing at 45360 kg gross weight, the C-130 HERCULES can stop (with propellers fully reversed) in only 430 m of runway. This go-anywhere, haul-anything propjet giant is now in service or scheduled for delivery to: the USAF’s Tactical Air Command, USAF-Europe, Pacific Air Command, Air Photo and Charting Service, other U.S. Armed Forces branches, and the Royal Australian Air Force.

Lockheed Aircraft Corporation GEORGIA DIVISION Marietta, Georgia, U.S.A.

LOCKHEED means leadership

 Flightworld 1958


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