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Robert Podboy






A 27,000-pound load – the heaviest single load ever from an airplane – was para-dropped from the U.S. Air Force’s new medium troop-and-cargo carrier, C-130 HERCULES, during recent aerial delivery tests.

Soon to enter active service with the 18th Air Force of the Tactical Air Command, the C-130 Hercules made its record-braking drop with a 27,000 pound load of iron – from an altitude of 2,000 feet. During the same series of tests, this new “strongman” of the USAF also established new all-time records for multiple-equipment drops from any type aircraft. Sample combination drop: 19,000-pound road grader and 7,500-pound 40-mm-gun mount. Heaviest multiple drop: 18 containers totaling 29,000 pounds.

Capable of flying cargo and men farther, faster and at lower cost than any other present-day transport, the C-130 HERCULES is now being manufactured in quantity at USAF Plant No. 6 Marietta, Georgia.

Challenging opportunities in aircraft and nuclear work are available for outstanding scientists and engineers.

Inquiries invited.


Georgia Division, Marietta

Look to Lockheed for leadership

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