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Robert Podboy

Feats of Hercules



The Lockheed C-130 Hercules, now in service with the United States Air Force at Ashiya Air Base, Japan, won its “go anywhere, haul anything” reputation the hard way.

In snow landing and take-off tests at Bemidji, Minnesota, the “Ski-130” HERCULES performed prodigious feats of strength and power. At 124,000 pounds gross take-off  weight the ski-equipped HERCULES was airborne in 2,100 feet. Carrying the same payload it landed and stopped in only 1,200 feet.

At Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, the C-130 Hercules (weighing 110,000 pounds) landed on sand and stopped in 947 feet. Take-offs from sand, with the same load, averaged only 1,500 feet.

This famous aerial “strongman” can carry 90% of all types of missiles now operational with, and under development for, the U.S. Armed Forces.

The C-130 HERCULES is now in worldwide service, or scheduled for delivery to USAF’s Tactical Air Command, U.S. Air Forces-Europe, Pacific Air Force, Air Photo and Charting Service, other branches of the U.S Armed Forces, and the Royal Australian Air Force.

No matter where it goes – from the snows of Fujiyama to the sands of Florida – the C-130 HERCULES accomplishes the most rugged and difficult missions with routine ease.


LOCKHEED means leadership

Lockheed Aircraft Corporation GEORGIA DIVISION Marietta, Georgia, U.S.A.


Reference publication: Flight May 16th 1958

Thanks to Dave Robinson for this Hi Res ad


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