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Robert Podboy



America’s first prop-jet air freighter to transport the goods of the world in the Jet Age

The new HERCULES air freighter is a more powerful, longer-range commercial version of Lockheed’s military C-130 the performance proved “go any place, haul anything” combat cargo carrier of the U.S. Air Force.

The first Jet Age aircraft specifically designed for air freight, the new HERCULES has a huge rear loading door – enabling it to swallow whole truckloads of assorted cargo. No other commercial cargo plane now available can match the HERCULES in fast loading and unloading – of all types of cargo, no matter how big or heavy.

Powered by four 4050 h.p. Allison (General Motors) 501D prop-jet engines, the mighty HERCULES can take off from or land on short runways and improvised fields, fully loaded. Wherever air freight is needed, any place in the world, the HERCULES can get it there in a hurry, at a profit to airline operators.

GEORGIA DIVISION, Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, Marietta, Georgia, U.S.A

LOCKHEED means leadership

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