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Simultaneous loading unloading.jpg

Robert Podboy

No other commercial cargo transport

Can perform all these 8 Feats of


1.     Load / unload simultaneously through rear cargo door (9 feet x 10 feet) and forward cargo door (6 feet x 6 ½ feet) at truck and dock level height.

2.     Provide efficient straight-in loading, drastically cutting cargo-dock to cargo-dock time – also readily adaptable to mechanical loading systems.

3.     Refuel at 600 U.S. gallons per minute with single-point refueling system (while cargo is being loaded / unloaded).

4.     Take off from short (4700-foot) runways at maximum take off weight.

5.     Climb 1760 feet per minute, and attain service ceiling of 26,400 feet, at normal power.

6.     Lift more than 44,000 pounds of cargo non-stop 1,750 miles with normal fuel reserve (or lift more than 32,000 pounds over 3,000 miles non-stop).

7.     Cruise at 350 miles per hour.

8.     Land fully loaded and stop within 3,050 feet.

Powered by four 4050 h. p. Allison (General Motors) 501-D22 engines, the mighty new 70-ton Hercules commercial cargo transport is America’s first propjet aircraft designed to carry the goods of the world in the Jet Age – and generate extra profits for airline operators.

LOCKHEED means leadership

GEROGIA DIVISION, Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, Marietta, Georgia, U. S. A.


Reference publication: Flight November 15th 1957

Thanks to Dave Robinson for this Hi Res ad


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