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  1. Back in the late 90s a Ham Standard rep came down to Hurbie and taught us a class. He said that if you placed the condition lever to feather inflight and the Aux motor didn't work the blade angle MAY get high enough that the prop won't windmill. Of course that is depending on airspeed. My experience on the ground during emergency egress is that the props made it to the cuff which is approximately 45 -50 degrees(I think). Your mileage may vary.

  2. I was on the Design review board for the U model. Rockwell was going to up the hydro pressure to 4000psi which scared the crap out of us. They swore the factory said it would be OK. We finally talked them out of it.

  3. We picked it up at Duke in 99. Promptly oversped the gear on a three engine go-around. Quite a bit lighter and faster than the gunship. It had its very own sup to the -1. It had the two probe Rosemount pitot system with emergency procedures for it in secIII. I don't remember which 1-1 we used. I also don't remember a Training Use Only memo. The airplane itself was Training Use Only for us, at least until I retired anyway.

  4. GACGuy,

    First off, relax no need to shout, were all friends here! Could you provide schematics or T.O. references to support your theory that the discharge switch is always powered? Not saying you're wrong but it does go against all training I have received.


    Ron, remember 'pshyco' expediter at Hurby in the 80s? He fired a bottle in the hanger with all the handles in, or so the story goes.

  5. I have to correct you on something you said. It was a ceremony by the Air Force Reserve. There wasn't one word from the Active Air Force of a job well done or the presence of AFSOC leadership. It was well done though. The 711th treated and used the acft. well over the years. Having been associated with them in the school house for the entire time they had the Talons I can say there're a damn fine group of people. Good luck with the Truck.

    Well said, the active duty could take a lesson from them.

  6. Messing with the blade angle is a gamble. If you move it a little too far and the mech. pumps catch some fluid it's going to try to spin up on speed.

    Another technique is to go to air start for a sec and then right back to feather, I've seen this work but not 100%.

    Don't know the story on this but they decided to leave it alone and that may have been the best option.

    Longest flight I know of with a prop rotating backwards is from west of New Orleans to Hurbie. I heard later that the back of the gearbox was pretty toasty.

  7. I've seen this caused by the hardware shearing off at the blade butt. There's a couple of screws and a couple of mounting studs that keep everything necessary for pitch change of the blade together. Thankfully it happened during a maintenance run.

    Happened to a Little Rock crew during flight 2000ish?

  8. Published max bank angle limits are 60* clean and 45* w/flaps down. It doesn't say this, but this is based on maximum G attained during a level turn.

    Consequently, the bank angle limits are basically G limits. If you don't attempt to maintain level flight with increasing back pressure, you can bank up to 90* and not hurt the plane at all...in fact, you could roll the plane and not hurt it - of course, you'll need a bit of altitude to get away with this... ;) (helps to do the rudder swap as you go through inverted based on simulator handling - hahaha!)

    There is an old handout from Lockheed that backs this up. The one that also talks about roll reversal being the worst thing you can do to a Herk wing. I have it around here somewhere, cant think of the title.

    The boys at St. Joe also have a wealth of info on this subject.

    Tiny, "any landing can be saved," check sec5 of that -1, as stated above the numbers are 60 clean and 45 with flaps and have been that way since I've been flying.

    A high bank angle in the situation you describe is one of the steps on the crash checklist.

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