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  1. Besides the FAA reg. do you know if there is any L. Martin or USAF guidance on minimum dump speed?
  2. Just wondering…what kind of restrictions do any of the operators represented in this forum have about Heavy airdrops in the stretched version of the Herc? I know some just don’t do it at all but since there is no flight manual restriction…. Any inputs on that?!
  3. Well, dealing with the fire first is a good advise  …but my point is: you have an engine fire and deal with it, but, lets say your on departure and 3 engine climb performance is marginal, or, you might even be on the app. but a go around is always a possibility. As we all know 3 (or 2!!) engine performance might be marginal above certain GWs. So the scenario would be: engine fire, boldface (discharging both bottles) and now I need to loose some weight but I still see some smoke (and an occasional flame just to make it more fun) coming out of number 4! My climb performance is marginal and my number 3 is loosing oil px (yes…it’s one of those days). What would you do? Accept a lower dump rate (??) dumping from one side only and take your chances with the mountains or dump from both sides and take your chances with the fire? Will the fuel spray get any near that engine?!
  4. Hello I’ve been around and learning with all of you for a while now but it’s my first time posting. My name is Rui and I’m a Herc driver in the Portuguese Air Force…. I’m also a proud SUPT grad! I did some of my best flying in the states…unfortunately not in the Herc The question I have is simple: would you, as a crew, have any special consideration while dumping with an outboard engine on fire? I’m asking because it is not in the flight manual and there as been some discussion in my sqn. about how you should dump in that situation. Some have the opinion that you should dump from the opposite dump mast only (we fly H models with dump valves). Some others say the fuel spray pattern will be well clear of the engine.Any comments on that? Tks!
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