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  1. I found the the limit for the Cargo Door. It's 578 lbs. I did not find it in a Tech Manual but rather a Lockheed Tech Bulletin. The weight is broken down as follows. 150 for the fwd most section; this section has the three small compartment. 100 for the section where the ground loading are. 128 for the section with the two small tub cover with the canvas. 100 each for the aft most storage bins. 150 + 100 + 128 + 200 = 578.
  2. Ooops! Hate it when that happens. I have seen this occur with nothing in the door. Came down to the wrong bolts being used.
  3. Thanks, this will give me direction to get started in.
  4. Ok, this is for all you Mature/Senior Experienced Loadmasters, maybe some of the newer Loadmasters might know. I am looking for the weight of the Troop Door Ladder and the weight limit total of items stored in the Cargo Door. I can remember being told by the Instructors at "The Rock" (beat into my brain). That you could place some items into the cargo door as long as that weight did not exceed, the weight of the items that had been removed. The Instructors always referenced the Troop Door Ladders and other items that had been removed. I know that on some of the special mission birds, the Cargo Doors were stripped of the basic equipment like the ground loading ramps and such so that the special mission equipment could be stored there. If I remember right. This weight limit was based on the ability of the actuators to open the Cargo Door. Does anyone remember these weight limit? If you have References for these weight that would be great too. Thanks
  5. While I was assigned to 3rd MAPS. We always seemed to get the the baby loads that had both oars in the water and still went in circles. I can remember MSgts Vaughan and Omps telling one of these select few to go find and get some flight line. He asked "What does it look like". Their response was "You will know when you find it." This troop was gone for about an hour. All of a sudden we hear him yell "Can I get some help with this here flight line?" The look on the faces of Vaughan and Omps was priceless when they looked into the bed of the M880. The bed was full of flight line. The only problem was that it was red and had these pesky black disks on it. Guess who was in the CC office later that day?
  6. I remember those keys. The 8th SOS commander had a plaque with all the T1 tail numbers on it. As a plane came out of Mod the key went on the plaque. 0565 was the first plane to have the Mod. I recall L/M gave the crew that picked it up a patch for the occasion.
  7. Ok Now I know I\'m not seeing things. Is anyone else getting their pages cut off when a big picture is posted?
  8. If you look at the Donladson ramp. The plane second from the left in the row with four is a -30. You can see that it is longer.
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