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  1. The Rudder Gust Lock: P/N 404209-1, NSN: 4920-00-775-4329 can be purchased through Lockheed Martin Cooperation. A seperate locking device (all listed in the SMP51-50E) for use when the Booster Assemblies are removed for each of the Rudder, Elevator, and Aileron is 337008-26H-64, NSN 1730-01-265-2303, and again, available through LMC.

    I can print out the pages and leave them on your toolbox if you wish . Let me know.


  2. Tiny's right, only authorized part numbers I can find: 388058-19 (1620-01-419-9739) use until exhausted, then use 3316498-1 (1620-01-170-8325). You can have one for the low low price of $37,094.95. Hurry while supplies are limited!

  3. No, I really meant thanks. I am stuck in the supply side of 130's right now, and it is the ex/future (will be joining the Savannah ANG soon!) engine troop in me that really enjoys digging through the T.O.'s to find this stuff.

    Anyways, the oil pipe part number is 6843446, national stock number 4710-00-015-2218.

  4. Hi Guys. Can anybody help me out with some part numbers i can't find in my IPC? Whilst enjoying a very pleasant flight yesterday NO.2 engine decided to dump all the engine oil in a very short time. When we got back i found that the adapter for the oil return pipe joining the accesory gearbox to the external scavenge pump had sheared in half. I need the part numbers for the oil pipe and the adapter. Also, when i went to borrow the parts from the grounded aircraft i found that some engines have an adapter that looks the same from the outside but has an oversize thread that screws into the gearbox. The YAF want to know why. Is it because of a different manufacturer for the gearbox or has the gearbox been reworked because of a worn insert? The part numbers i need are for the standard size adapter. Many thanks.


    Thanks for the busy work! Here is what I got from the 2J-T56-24:

    ADH side: MS9355-06 packing with a 6784121 union when you have an ADH with the following part numbers: 6789704, 6843829, 6859428. If you have an ADH with a part number of 23006940, then you would need a union with a part number of 6897168.

    External Scavenge side: AS3084-06 packing (3ea called out), with an AN815-6J union.

    Let me know if you need NSN's, figures and or indexes.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Nc97, N.H.A. RYLC51047 i believe this actuator is only used on the E & H models but i could be wrong....

    Miamiair, thanks, will give a try an see...

    Still need the top assembly part number. It is much easier to start with the top assembly, and then find applicable actuator T.O.'s, and then find the correct motor T.O.


  6. I have an on-going problem with the ice detection system switching it itself on in no icing conditions. I've swapped out everything in the system now and all wiring checks are good. The only spare ice detectors i have access to are coming from an aircraft where the system is known not to have worked in some time. In order to order new detectors i need to prove my current ones are unserviceable. Is there any bench check with a multimeter i can carry out to check the serviceability of ice detectors?

    With a multimeter, and a freezer....Check the circuit (well, really the thermostat); circuit must close on decreasing temperature of 52 plus or minus 5 degrees F. Circuit must open on an increasing temperature of 67 plus or minus 8 degrees F.

    I have repaired and overhauled a lot of ice-detectors (092-000-001 and 575-315), but can't say I have ever seen one turn on by itself.

    The only other possibility I can think of is that the tension spring is screwed down to tight, setting the switch nipple to close to the diaphragm, activating it inconsistently.

  7. Hey guys, I'm looking for the following items. Any assistance would be great .....

    1. T56-A15 C130

    Engine shipping and storage containers P/N PPE001 - 16 (10 EA)

    Shipping and storage containers short engine NSN 8145-00-887-1949 (10 EA) P/N 0-09650

    2. Receiver/ Transmitters need 10 EA Total

    582100 601 5131 P/N RT 1168 ARC 16 HV

    582101 137 630 P/N 707074-804

    582100 601 5197(S) P/N 705906-802

    582101 136 0208(M) P/N 707074-802

    3. Fairing Aircraft (Stress Panel) URGENT

    P/N 363145 - 1L (6EA)



    Right off the bat I can tell you that part number RT1168ARC16HV has been replaced by 705906-804. This is considered a "Terminal item," which means o more can be made, no more can be bought.

    Your 707074-804 NSN should read 5821-01-137-6301. No further info. (Not the best of news).

    For your 363145-1L, (which I belive is a trailing edge panel), you best bet is Frazier Aviation...818-898-1998.

  8. Doesn't sound too bad for 'hot 'n high' conditions. At 36 to 39 psi

    the GTC sounds really great - that's APU pressure!!

    Are your engine bleed air valves the "ON-OFF" or "OFF-ON-OVERRIDE" type. If

    the latter, it may be modulating a lower pressure than fully open.

    Also starter control valves like to mess around and not open fully, or modulate

    at lower pressure

    Try pulling the throttle back 1/2 a knob from ground idle and hit air start to change

    the blade angle before starting (reduces the resistance a little more)

    The "OFF-ON-OVERRIDE" type valves (3213722-5-1 just to be sure) from my experiences are calibrated to regulate to 49.9 to 50.2 psig, well within the flight limitations of 48-52psig, and well above the output pressure the GTC can put out. either eay, this valve should be under a "Full-Open" Condition below 48psig. Now, if the main actuating diaphragm has even a slight tear, this valve will never fully open under any condition.

    I still would like to know what the manifold pressure is DURING engine start...

  9. This stupid thing will not do the samething twice. We get working right then it does something totally different. Today our flt deck PAC started working in manual but wouldn't work in auto then our cargo PAC drove to cold but when we tried to drive to hot nothing would happen shot the plug and now we have 28 volts on both hot and cold. The fi tells us to connect a temp control test box and it seems that no one knows where to get one has any one used this tester


    The NSN for the tester is 4920-00-014-1504, but at $72,520.00 I belive you are going to have a hard time acquiring one. Lockheed Martin has them...

    Your neighbor

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