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  1. 901st/302nd Reunion on Saturday, September 24, 2022 in Colorado Springs at the Elks Lodge on North Neveda.

    All the information is on Facebook under 901st/302nd Reunion.

    I realize a lot of people do not use or like Facebook.

    Unfortunately, this is the only place for any information, and they are wanting a head count for those wanting to attend by the end of July (this month)!

    Point of contact is Bob Boyum.

    Hope to see you there!

  2. 25 years ago today Sumit 38 crashed near Bliss, Idaho. It was returning to Peterson AFB, CO. after dropping off personnel 

    from the 302nd Airlift Wing (AFRES) for the annual MAFFS training in Boise, Idaho.

    Lost , but not forgotten:

    Lt. Col Bob Buckhout

    Major Geoffrey Boyd

    2nd Lt. Lance Dougherty

    CMSgt Jimmie Vail

    MSgt Jay Kemp

    SSgt Michael Scheideman

    Rest In Peace My Friends!


  3. 789 was my bird at Peterson AFB (AFRES) (302 AW) from 1991 till 1995 sent her to Little Rock to the training squadron. What a great flying airplane. From the time I had her she spent lots of time in the "sandbox". I picked her up from the Reserve Unit at Selfridge, Michigan.

    Glad to see that she is still around to provide history and able for some of us to still "kick the tires".

    Great pictures of the new paint job.

    Thanks for sharing!

    73, Rex

  4. Have been trying to find C-130 decals for over a year now. Was able to "score 3" from my old unit at a recent

    retirement. One of my "Reservist", now ART for many years now was able to get them made and sent to me!

    I placed them on the back window of my topper installed on my '13 Toyota Tundra.

    Enjoy, Rex.

  5. They were designated as JHC-130Hs while in the test group and the HC-130Ps were never used for recovery, only refueling, correct?

    I don't remember them being referred to as "JHC-130H" just "HC-130H" the MDS for ordering parts was always "HC-130H".

    The HC-130P's were part of the "surface recovery group" HH-53's for rotary wing support.

    When I got to the Test Group they were removing all of the Fulton Recovery Equipment from the "P's".

    73, Rex

  6. Were the HC-130Hs used for recovery missions?

    Yes, but the crews did not like to use them as "primary" birds. The "B" models were used the most. They did not have the external tanks and allowed for "slipping" them easier for the "catch". Kind of a sports car versus a van.

    On a true mission the aircraft would line up for the catch usually all the "B" models first, then the "HC's" next.

    If an "HC" caught the package then ALL the "B's" missed, not likely to happen!

    73, Rex

  7. Back in 2001 they were busting up the runways at Malmstrom. The only air traffic is the helo's. I believe the

    C-130 Unit will still be at the International Airport. I remember reading about the F-15 leaving and the ANG building new ramp space.

    Airnav.com only show 2 helo pads!


    Google Maps and Bing Maps show what appears to be ramp and runways, these might be old.

    The last line on Airnav.com in the "additional remarks" shows "OTHER AREAS OF OLD AFLD LITTERED WITH OBST AND ACT NOT AUTHORIZED FOR LDG OR DEP."

    73, Rex

  8. I don't know how many tach generators I change TDY, or at dirt airstrips from the aircraft ladder with tools in

    every pocket, and the FE or LM throwing other tools up as needed.

    73, Rex

  9. The US Forest Service actually owns the MAFFS units, they only bought 8 of the MAFFS II platforms.

    The company that built them is now out of business.

    The Air Force lends them the airframes.

    The Units flying the MAFFS missions are Air Force Reserve (1 unit, 302 AW) and Air National Guard (3 units)

    one from Wyoming 153 AW, one from North Carolina 145 AW, one from Channel Islands, California 146 AW.

    73, Rex

  10. Most of you have probably seen or heard about the "Black Forest Fire"

    The final figures were 511 houses destroyed and 13 outbuildings destroyed, this is now the most destructive fire in Colorado History!

    The "Waldo Canyon" fire last year held the record for less than 1 year until this the "Black Forest" beat it.

    Unless the monsoons rains come in July its going to be a hot and very active fire season in Colorado.

    Temps the next few days in the mid 90's.

    73, Rex

  11. With the recent outbreak of fires in Colorado the 302nd Airlift Wing was activated and will start flying missions against the

    "Black Forest" fire just north/northeast of Colorado Springs. As of this morning the fire was estimated at 8,500 acres and has destroyed 40 to 60 homes.

    Last year they were fighting the "Waldo Canyon" fire around the same time of year. Another one right in their own "backyard"

    Seems like fire season gets earlier and earlier each year in the West.

    There are currently 5 fires in Colorado this morning, with temps in the upper 90's to 100's, low humidity!

    73, Rex

  12. I'm picturing in my mind that the CC is going "there, there girl, that mean old flight crew will be here shortly and we just have to live with that."

    Interesting George, this is what I was thinking while "launching my aircraft".

    After engine start and when the LM entered the aircraft and was closing the crew door part of my checks were to kneel

    down below the crew door and check the "jettison rod" to make sure it hadn't moved now that the crew door was closed, I would then scan the belly, both MLG areas to make sure no fluids were leaking out that shouldn't be leaking, go forward check the external power door, kneel down again and look in the Nose Wheel Well for leaks, make sure the FE had removed the NLG pin, go forward to the nose radome and give the ol' gal a couple of pats, and mumble " givem' a safe flight and we'll fix anything "they" break and get you ready for the next mission. Would proceed out to the marshallers area, waiting for the taxi lights.

    Those were my thoughts all the years that I crewed!

    73, Rex

  13. Since the other pictures came out OK, I'll add a few others.

    The nozzle that sticks out thru the left paratroop door is the discharge valve, basically a hydraulic needle valve, the hydraulic

    system is self contained on the MAFFS unit.

    Also a pic of the operating positions for the loadmasters 2 each.

    73, Rex

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