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    In USAF for 8 years, all on the C-130. After Tech school went to Naha AB,Okinawa and did the usual TDY'S to Ubon (Blind Bats), Than Son Nuit, and Cam Rahn Bay. When I left Okinawa I went to Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ f. At DM I worked on the DC-130 and did TDY's to Bien Hoa, U-Tapoa, Clark, and Osan Korea. After the Military I lived in Tucson, and Rhode Island. Got tired of the cold and moved to Florida
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    Retired, just try to enjoy now!

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  1. This was the C-130A I was assigned to (Silver Bird) while I was in 21st E-Flight in 68-69. That is in between Cam Rahn, Tan Son Nuht, & Ubon Blind Bats Lockheed C-130A 56000503 3111 14 June 67 ex 317TCW, Lockbourne AFB, OH Service history: transferred from the 317th TCW, Lockbourne AFB, OH, to the 374th TCW, Naha, on 24 May 67 (67144); based at Cam Ranh Bay between 12 and 14 June 67 (67163-65); back to Naha on 14 June 67, most probably to E-Flight/21st TCS; to REC2-service with the 374th TCW, Naha, between 21 June and 9 September 67 (67172-252), that is probably bailed to Air America on 21 June 67; on 31 December 67, the Wing became 374th TAW, Naha; to WRAAR, Naha, for overhaul between 31 March and 11 April 68 (68091-102); transferred to the 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing, Naha, for maintenance, between 28 May and 10 June 68 (68149- 62); possibly used by Air America out of Takhli (T-05) in December 68 as 605; delivered to Lockheed Martin Aircraft Center, Greenville, SC, for overhaul on 18 April 69 (69108); arrived there on 22 April 69; redelivered from Greenville to the 374th TAW, Naha, on 24 July 69 (69205), reentering CA-service at Naha on 30 August 69 (69242); used by Air America out of Takhli (T-05) in November and December 69; to E-Flight/21st TAS/F2-service, that is believed bailed to Air America between 31 January and 10 June 70 (70031-70161); transferred for VKmaintenance to the 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing, Naha, between 9 and 21 July 70 (70190-202); then back to the 374th TAW, Naha; no other rotations or movements in 1967-1970.21 Fate: transferred to 139th TAS, Schenectady County Airport, NY, on 19 April 71 (71109, that is much later than the other 374th TAW C-130As); to AMARC, Davis- Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ, in December 91 as CF101; current in October 97.
  2. I was a C-130 Crew Chief 68-76, I don't regret a day of it. I sort of Envy you too.
  3. Ken, I was in E-flight when not TDY. I remember the name, do you also remember Fred Howell?
  4. Phil, I was in 21st TAS E-flight whenever I was not TDY from Naha. My name is James Motes, and I do remember some names. My Crew Chief was Mike Morbaucher, and Ssgt Dintlemen. Do you remember those names?
  5. Ken, I have CRB slides to get posted too. But do you know any of the troops that were sent to Naha from CCK? I remember a Darrall Blanchard, Woody English, and an Airman named Brock, and also Jim Collins. Were you ever able to enlarge those orders that I sent you? Jim
  6. Yes, That's correct as I remember spotting on one of the Flights I took to get my Combay Pay. It was either with Pilot Maj. Frye on 55-005, or Capt Murrey on 55-023
  7. I remember that C-130 carcus. I was in CRB during TET of 68. There were 130's loaded with fuel parked everywhere. I was driving down the line in a tow tug that did about 5 mph flat out. It was during the dark early morning hours when the morters started coming in. As I was driving that tug down the line Airmen started emptying out of their birds and jumping on the tug I was driving, I was stopping for nothing with all those birds loaded with fuel. When I made it back to the Maintenance office I bailed out of the tug before it stopped and dove in a bunker. There were so many bodies under me I was still up in the air. I keep 2 scrap pieces of one of those morters in my top drawer.
  8. Ken, CRB alright. My profile pic here is outside my hootch at CRB Herky Hill. Over the top of the hill you could get to the beach. If you went further down the road there was an Army supply post where troops could go thru the line and pick up whatever you could carry before they went in country, fatigues, boots, rain ponchos, even bayonets (if needed). I would just roll up my sleeves to cover my Stripes, sign a sheet , go thru the line and get what I needed. We ate good on Herky Hill too since all the supplys come in thru us
  9. I was in 21st TAS E Flight on the silver birds when I was back to Naha from my TDY's from Ubon (Blind Bats), Cam Rahn, & Tan Son Nhut. My Criew Chiefs were SSgt Dintlemen, and Mike Mourbacher. They used to chum around with SSgt (Pussy) Peffier. My profile picture shown was taken at Cam Rahn Bay outside the hootch on "Herky Hill"
  10. They are hard to look at all closed up. It was and is still in my mind the best Aircraft ever. Jim Motes C-130 Crew Chief: Naha, Bein Hoa, Tan Son Nhut, Cam Rahn, Osan, DMAFB, U-Tapoa, Ubon (Blind Bats)
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