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  1. If nothing changed, this is the list of the C-130E machines and their respective CWBs donors: 59-1525 70-1273 59-6957 70-1272 58-0714 70-1262 59-1529 70-1276 61-0958 70-1263 Oberon
  2. Another "E" on lease as a replacement. http://dlapilota.pl/image/view/15285/_original Oberon
  3. What's left of the bird http://img17.imageshack.us/i/18376490.jpg/ Oberon
  4. According to some news, the Polish C-130 project is 120 mln USD FMF, the rest (how much?) is PLAF. Oberon
  5. According to some rumors, 72-1299 will be handed over to PLAF for spares (in the frame of FMF). Oberon
  6. Yes, 72-1299 was on a 11 month loan, as a replacement for some late refurbs, but afaik, there were talks about PLAF getting it. Oberon
  7. Amazing pictures. The machine deserves a place in a museum for bringing back safely the crew. Question to the beancounters. What, if they will be looking again for a refurb and not a new one Minor detail regarding the photo album. It's 72-1299 and not 70-1299. Oberon
  8. One more question regarding the mishap and the pictures of the 72-1299. What systems/elements are located under the left wing in the area that sufferd damages? Oberon
  9. Any more news on the 1299 fate and causes of the mishap? Oberon
  10. According to an official statement by Norway MOD, a USAF MC-130 participating in the Cold Response exercise in Norway jumped chocks during engine ground run at Evenes AFB and ended in a snow bank, shedding one of its propellers. One person was injured. Picture: http://www.mil.no/multimedia/archive/00134/C-130_Hercules_acci_134123a.jpg Oberon
  11. Consider it as a rumor, but because its public, I can put it here. According to some news, the primary cause of the 1299 mishap were the attitude indicators - they were not giving the same indications. Is it possible or just a news b.s.? How the C-130 autopilot would react in such case? Oberon
  12. Yes, 1506=1299. Grounding :cool:, 1506/1299 is going nowhere (obvious) and the first Polish C-130E is not flying already for some time because of technical problems. Polish MOD (means Ministry of Defence and not MODerator) official statement talks about problems with fuel installation - they had to replace it. No comments on that. I wrote about instruments problems a few days ago. Oberon
  13. From Stars&Stripes, November 2009, article about the last C-130E from Rammstein: "Fifteen maintainers with the 86th AMU spent four days last week inspecting the aircraft and fixing 105 “gigs,†or minor maintenance problems. The home-check station inspection, typically done every 220 flying hours, wasn’t due until December, but the unit did it early for the transfer, said Master Sgt. Darren Veneman, 86th AMU production superintendent. “They should be able to fly this airplane until … it’s ready to be retired next summer,†Veneman said of the Polish air force." I understand that by next summer he meant summer of 2011? Anyway, the bird didn't have to much time left. I think, that even if it would be possible to bring it back to life, it would be pointless for such short period. Oberon
  14. Everything explained in the parallel thread. Yes, those are new sites. Dan, if your fuel tank theory is correct, the tank on the left wing should be also dammaged (but we don't have any pictures of it). Oberon
  15. Oberon


    News are a part of the services it's offering so you can call it a news site. Oberon
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