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  1. I forgot all about the Alert Pad chow hall when I was in SAC @ Wurtsmith AFB in Michigan pulling alert with KC-135A models. They did have some good grub in the hole.

    I don't miss heating water, dumping water and refilling water one bit on those A models..

    How about the "kobi beef" (bufflo) sandwiches at Udorn?


    Don't you remember, there are no stray dogs in SEA.

  2. Does anyone remember the momma sohn at Takhli, Thailand that would meet us at our planes on the ramp with a push cart full of fresh bananas, peanuts, iced cold pineapple and drinks after a long, hot and dusty day in country. She would even make you a peanut butter and banana sandwich. It was hard to beat at the time.

  3. "Only those who are fit to live who do not feat to die, and none are fit to die who have shrunk from the joy of life. Both life and death are parts of the same Great Adventure. Never yet was worthy adventure worthily carried through by them the man who put his personal safety first. Pride is the portion only of those who know bitter sorrow or the foreboding of bitter sorrow. But all of us who give service, and stand ready for sacrifice, are the torchbearers. We run with the torches until we fall, content if we can then pass them to the hands of the other runners. The torches whose flame is brightest are borne by the gallant men at the front. By the gallant women whose husbands and lovers, whose sons and brothers are at the front. These men are high of soul, as they face their fate on the shell-shattered earth or in the skies above or in the waters beneath; and no less high of soul are the women with torn hearts and shinning eyes, the girls whose boy-lovers have been struck down in their golden morning, and the mothers and wives to whom the word has been brought that henceforth they must walk in the shadow.

    These are the torch-bearers; these are they who have dared the Great Adventure."

    ____ Theodore Roosevelt, a tribute to his son, fallen in WWI, France.

  4. I remember the counter sit-in protest at Woolworths here in Charleston, SC during the 60's. Those young men were really brave to stand up for there rights.

  5. Palin, Newt, Beck, North, Charlie Daniels and Ted Nugent. All in one weekend. Lots more fun stuff. Ted says if you're not a member "you ARE the enemy." Imagine 70 thousand gun owners at one place and not one shooting. Charlotte's Mayor said "it would not be wise for criminals to be out this weekend."

  6. They make double pain windows in 'float' glass just for this type of application. The float glass looks just like antique glass, along with all of the imperfections. It's been approved by the local 'Hystrical' Society here in Charleston and used all the time. Kinda pricey.

  7. We used to use Blackstone AAF on Camp Pickett VA back then most of the time.

    My favorite 37th drop story was the time we flunked the ORI at Pope in 71.

    All 9 heavy equipment loads landed and short of the DZ, and Bob Craft and Chuck Slagle were the winners, 5 miles short of the DZ on the front steps of some families trailer. But they dropped on time.


    That was my first TDY and First ORI. They put us up at The Prince Charles on Hay St. It was a real dump at the time. Our FE got rolled the first night.

  8. It did get interesting at times while I was living there. As for the semi-homeless and druggies, it was that way when I lived there as well.

    I will say there was one certain incident when I first moved in, after that I had no problems whatsoever from the local populace:D


    That should be an interesting story.

  9. I have had this picture for awhile now from the 130th AW out of West Virginia.

    I think this screams hernia. Or could be our next stimulas package.

    It looks to me like a typical TAC crew chief getting the job done on a MAC base.

    Usually getting done, what can't be done, without......

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