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  1. I was in the chow hall late one evening when a General exploded. He didn't like the paper plates, paper cups, the food didn't look good and the place was filthy. He finally found the NCOIC and gave him 24 hours to get the place cleaned up and start serving decent food. Everybody in there stood up and applauded when he left. I think the food improved after that.


  2. That looks like the third production model. Some of the 53 models didn't have external tanks. The roman nose without external tanks were faster than the later models.


    Yes it was the third production model 53-3131.


  3. I don't know if this counts as haunted. Back in 1969 at Cam Ranh Bay we were fragged open all day. The load and I went out to 56-501 and completed our pre-flights. We were sitting on the ramp speculating what we might be doing that day. All of a sudden there was this horrible odor. We looked at each other and we both said at the same time, that must be our load. Sure enough it was. We had one dead ARVN and his widow. Any way the flight lasted about an hour. We used up all the oxygen on the aircraft, opened all the overhead hatches and both swing windows. Everybody on the crew was sick. We let it air out for a couple of hours and then headed back to CRB. The powers to be were upset that we quit for the day but got over it. In 1972 I was at Richards-Gebaur when 56-501 was transfered to the Reserves. I went down to the reserve ramp to visit and went inside and the smell was still there. The crew chief couldn't smell it but I sure could.

  4. We were flying west in the afternoon. Me, in the engineer seat, enduring another check ride. The pilot reached up and increased the heat. I informed him I would be happy to use the temp controls on my panel to make him happy because I like happy pilots. He looked back and told me, I can handle it. I thought to myself OK big boy. After the third adjustment I reached down grabbed the autopilot and turned right. After he got us back on course he asked why I did that. I told him the sun was in my eyes and thought a new heading would take care of it. After a long silence he admitted lesson learned.

  5. When I arrived at Naha, in Dec 68, Fred Stryker was the Chief Flight Engineer in the 21st TAS. I worked for Fred until he rotated back to the states in 1970. I wasn't in E flight so I couldn't tell you what they did. I saw Fred in South Fla in 1971. Fred was one of the really good guys.


  6. In 1970 they remodeled the 21st aircrew barracks they contracted some short time houses for us to live in. I informed the 1st sgt I could not be responsible for my actions if he made me move down there. I think I must have sampled everything on Jacks menu. Don\'t remember the name of the place, but did enjoy drinking beer with the owner and sampling his wife\'s cooking.


  7. If my memory serves me correctly this \"A\" model touched down on the right gear just short of the runway. There was a fairly large lip on the end of the runway that sheared off the right main gear, ruptured the refuel manifold and started a fire in the wheelwell. My crew had delivered a small fire truck in there the day before and almost landed short. There were some funny winds around that hilltop.

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