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    Turbo-prop mech. First assignment Hurbie OV-10s. Follow on to Nha Trang w/ 90 SOS 71' was airevac'd to CRB then home. Did Forbes, and CCK, 374th and E Flight. NOTE: one of only 3 airman assigned to 90 SOS in 71' mowed, mopped, and wiped alot. Worked with SSg Bob Carpenter, SSg Dave Ellsperman, MSg Medders and TSg King.

    "June Bug" is for my son, killed at age eleven, he would have loved the bird.
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    Lackland AFB
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    Air Transportation Section Chief

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  1. 531 is located at the "new" center for excellence located on Medina, and will probably move on to another site. Their students attend basic get yer feet wet aircrew classroom training and from there on to their specific weapons systems. We here at Lackland in the 733d TRS get the C5 FE and LM students who recieve their training from Flight Safety (contractor) and are evaluated by the Air Force FE's and Loads. Coming in the future the Loadmasters will be form 8 qualified when they leave. My area is responsible for the ground training portion i.e. winch operations, loading/unloading pallets, and rolling stock. In the evenings mostly we are loading ballast loads for the C5 Heavy Air Refueling course pilots and crews. does anyone know where i can get a list of the Herks doing service as Aerial Port Training Aids or APTA's? i know that pete field is responsible for there upkeep.
  2. It was Bob Smith, out of Norton, on a 141 in 68'. or so it has been reported.
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