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  1. I am glad you found the problem, good troubleshooting. I was going to add oil lines and rear scavenge pump to the list of troubleshooting items. I have had it happen once that the main oil supply line was collapsing and believe it or not, oil pressure was normal, but over-tempted. I have also seen where the aft scavenge pump was starting to fail, thus letting the oil cook back in the turbine before returning it to the system.

    I bet your FE\'s appreciate how \"picky\" you are when troubleshooting your engines. Nothing is worse then shutting down a good engine because of oil temps.

    Best Wishes,


  2. Fritz,

    Do not trust that the start inverter will trip off when you bring the first engine driven generator on-line.

    From what I was told by a \"mature\" FE that flew the Type II\'s was that the roll on command/control pods that were used were mainly DC because they could also be set up for ground use with a diesel generator.

    One good thing about the Type II\'s is that you never come close to loading up the DC systems with normal use.

    Give me a straight A model anytime, at least you can understand how and why the electrical system worked.

    Give me a call if you need some FE\'ing done. I am a free agent now, been flying an E model a little this year.

    Take care,


  3. They have a mixed bag of engine driven DC and AC Generators, plus the ATM Generator system is different. I would have to pull out my -1 to really get in to all the electrical differences.

    Having engineered on A/E/F/H/T models, the Type II has the most complicated electrical system.


  4. Fritz,

    I asked the same questions when I started flying the Type II\'s and the answer I got was that they were modified to support the missions that they were flying. Something about the command pods they rolled into the back of the aircraft.

    Another issue (maybe true) that I was told was that the Type II light weight cargo ramps are aircraft specific and are not interchangeable. I never verified this as we never needed to swap the ramps.

    The electrical system gave us fits also, I only know of a couple people that totally understood it and both of them are ex-H&P people.

    Good Luck,


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