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  1. The plane does not have a payload. Only a skeleton crew and the conditions are normal (low wind etc.). Is that enough? I currently have it talking off at 200 mph but that is a wild guess.

    Thanks for any information you can give.

    IIRC nose gear max tire rotation speed is 165 KIAS.

  2. I can remember one time a crew landed with the anti-skid inop. The pilot got on the brakes lightly (his claim) and slid the tires and ruined them (the tires had flat spots). The plane was a H-2 with 3000 psi brakes and had fairly light gross weight.

  3. To answer the question: I would serve if drafted. I did not serve in SEA. I was stateside from 1972-1975 and got out on a program called Palace Chase. I doubled the time I had left on my enlistment. I stayed in the West Virginia ANG until 2002 and retired with 30 years + 2 months.

    I was called up during Desert Storm. I didn't hate the enemy. Most were SOBs that were pressed into service and didn't want to be in combat and didn't believe in Saddam's cause. I didn't "want" to be in the middle east but I did my duty. It's not that I didn't believe in the war or resented being called up, I just don't like the middle east. I wasn't that bad at all. If the SOBs that were pressed into service were killed by the munitions I hauled, well that's the way war works. When we came home we got a big welcome. My sentiment was "I'm the same baby killing SOB I was in 1972 when I joined the AF and I do it for my country whether it's grateful or not".

  4. Remove the nut/cap at the bottom of the jack screw where the friction washer is and check for debris. We had a bird have trouble getting the gear down once because of a piece of tape that was inadvertently left on the wash rack and jammed the friction washer. The crew had to raise the gear manually a little to free it and then crank it down until it got stiff again and then raise it to free it until the gear was down and locked. It happened at Red Flag back in the 80's.

  5. KiwiFE, the mod was done years ago (I started flying in '82 and before then) and the fix was shielded wire and the shielding grounded IIRC. The USAF kept insisting there may be a bird overlooked on the mod. Finally common sense prevailed.

    Are you with 40 Squadron? I was with the WVANG 130th AG/AW at Charleston,WV. There was time if 40 Squadron was in CONUS they ended up at our base. Lots of Steinlager was consumed and Strohs sent "down south". Good times.

  6. Some of the best training I got was at the C-130 tactics school. With all of the yeehaw yanking and banking the FE's were the only ones with their heads in the cockpit a lot of the time. So if the MC-130J's don't have an FE who's going to watch things inside?

    IMHO the Marines and the AF had better send crews through the tactics school in the new "attack" C-130's before deploying them. Won't happen but it could save some lives.

  7. Gave one at Dhahran Sauidi Arabia in 90 or 91 for an AD crew. No FOD check and the check list was pretty well not followed IIRC. They just taxied up behind us and we ran up until they started. That's the way they wanted it and I figued as long as they didn't ram up it was their bird.

  8. I'm just old school and I admit it. If it works and is reliable why change it? The 8 blade props may be a great idea and the valve housing may be too. When we got the '88 H2's we had a team form Lockheed, Allison, and Hamilton Standard come to the unit and give their dog and pony show. One young engineer from Lockheed was fussing the flight engineers would trust a 1955 "A" model dip stick but not his digital gauges. I almost blurted out "yes we do, the dip stick doesn't lie, your gauges do"! It took a while for those digital gauges to settle in. Even then you lost a few thousand pounds of fuel (indicated) on rotation and you gained it back after landing and roll out.

    My thoughts always were the guy that swears this is better is not with you when it's not! Kinda like my dad's saying, "doctors bury their mistakes".

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