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    Oh just one of those good old retired Loadmasters.

    347th TCS Dyess 1965-1967
    29th TCS Clark 1968-1969
    62ndTAS Sewart 1969-1970
    62ndTAS Little Rock 1970-1971
    50th TAS CCK 1971-1972
    50/62/61 TAS/MAC Little Rock 1972-1986
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    Cabot, Ar.
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  1. We took care of it for you Muff..Had a real good turn out from the DFC guys. May Jim now rest in peace.
  2. My old brain remembers this. Army exercise and we dropped about 6 Tanks. All the crews dropping Lapes were from Little Rock. Story I heard from loadmasters that night as we were sitting at the bar went this way. Everything went just like it was suppose to but load hung up in the rails. Pilot pushed all the power in and started climbing at about 3 to 5 hundred feet the load departed A/C and went nose first into the ground. Picture was on front page of fayettenams newspaper the next morning.
  3. Bullwinkle


    1297 was the A/c that my sqd commander flew into Clark from here at the Rock. I was on 1296 with the Ops officer. Both A/c had less then 1,500 hours on them. What a joy it was to fly such new A/C . The CC on 1297 was the CC that went to the factory and picked it up , if my old brain is remembering right.I believe he had a hangover for a couple weeks afterwards...
  4. It was dropped by one of the Clark crews. My crew was there on alert for backup.
  5. Try U Tube I believe there a couple on there.
  6. Hey john I've got one here somewheres. It was something the 834Th there at Tan Son Nute gave out.I got mine in Feb. of 68 on my first in country stay. They stopped the program in Mar or April of 68 when they started having to many Aircraft taking hits.I'll dig around and see if I can find it and scan you a copy.
  7. To start with the Bullet Magnet came from my 18 month tour at Clark during that time I was on 17 "B" models that came back with holes in them.As for crashes I had the one , plus one off the end of a dirt field in nam and one that ended up crossways of a dirt runway plus one in Hondurus where the parking area gave way.I guess maybe the one at the Rock where a student took us off the runway on a three engine landing might count as something. Now you all be good to my buddy John we've known each other since we were just wet nosed teenagers. Muff are you staying out of trouble??? jbob where are you???
  8. I've got his e-mail and home address if you want it.I saw him a couple of years ago at a Loadmaster Reunion that we had at Dyess.
  9. Yes I remeber him. I was one of the Stan Eval Loads with the 50th. We lost a bunch of good people on those drops.
  10. Hey for those that would like to read about this mission from a Nav. then check out anloc.org and read Bob Kirkpactrics account. It was one H--- of a day.
  11. Welcome home to you also. I sent my e-mail to that guy waiting for a response from him. What a beautiful Aircraft that was at one time.
  12. No you've got it right.The only thing is I can't remember where it was kept at.It was great for scanning the wings late at night, as long as you for warned the pilots.I remember them on the "B's"&"E's".You could plug them in at any of the electrical outlets in the cargo compartmentThey had about a 25 foot cord on them and they got hot real quick.
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