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  1. Looking for anyone who would like to put together a 316 TAW reunion for the years 1966 to 1975, all members of the 316 FMS, 36,37,38 TAS, and any other units associated with the 316th TAW. Please contact me.J.W. Rex Riley at [email protected].
  2. I came to Langley early in the spring of 69 from tech school. Assigned to the 38th ESC shop, with John Pomeroy, Erine Horvath. Went on a six month TDY to Camh Rahn Bay with the 556Th Recon Squardron, returned in Nov.69and the 38th had left. I went the 37th TAS ESC shop,with Dave Osmundson who had been in tech school with me and the 38Th. Msgt. Dormis Baker was NCOIC, and Col. Ferrier was squardron commander. Some of the other guys in the 37th with us was Bobby Yeatts(hydraulics) from Reidsville, N.C., Tsgt Fred Jenkins, he's now deceased. Flight engineer Dave Regal,Flight engineer Ssgt Lopez still lives in the area, he had the nickname as Boots, sorry Lopez. If you see this I'll make it to you. By the way I'm Rex Riley, Dave Osmundson live in Knotts Island N.C, I'm in Surry, Va. Also, I went TDY with the 36th to Rhine Main and if any of you know Fuzzy Carr he lives in Suffolk, Va. Does anyone know where Bob Ackerman is, he was a crew chief with the 38th in 69. More later!!
  3. I came to the 38th in the spring of 69. ESC shop building 751 Langley AFB. Left shorty there after for TDY with Det 2, 556 Recon Squardron, Camh Rahn Bay. When we returned in Nov. 69. I was put in the 37th, served with the 37th,until a TDY to Germany came along and ended up with the 36th for a thirty day rotation,got back to the 37th after that and then ended up in FMS. I still live in Virginia, and visit Langley often. I saw a lot changes at the base over the years. Now the F22 Raptor is based there. A few of the guys I was stationed and worked with still reside in the area. David Osmundson, lives in Knotts island N.C. he was 38,37th with me and Vernon"Fuzzy" Carr from the 36th lives in Suffolk, Va. Anyone want to try and put a reunion together let me know. If any was with the 556 in Nam they have a reunion every spring in Vegas. I attented the year before last and have info on it. Take care all Rex Riley
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