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    Currently work as an Electrical and Environmental specialist on C-130H and WC models in the ANG for the last year. Prior to that was active duty Air Force working on F-15E models for 4 years. Also have 2 years avionics/install experience on several civilian airframes. I’m learning the C-130 still so I could use all the help possible.
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    Nashville, TN
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    Electrical and Environmental specialist

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  1. We have had an issue with the air crew writing up cargo comp A/C pack distributing weak air flow on a 89 model (c-130h). We have already changed a bad low temp control valve, flow control shutoff valve. Also we checked for the water separator/sock for and icing or contamination. Did not find any leaks with the heat exchanger and the turbine is running like a champ. We suspect the crew is writing it up because it’s been really hot lately and until they get the engines going they will have less air with the APU. Some people want to throw a turbine at the aircraft but its working fine with great suction and the air is cooling. I was hoping to find someone with a some experience with the A/C packs that may have some troubleshooting ideas or that could lead me in the right direction. I hate shot gunning parts!
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