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  1. congratulations guys and thanks for you help
  2. hi i need to know wich is the maximun weight to park a c-130, i read a book but i dont remember what, that says 130 000 pounds and no fuel in externals tanks is this limitation correct. thanks
  3. Hello friends i dont have clear the definitons of long range and the maximiun endurance charts, wich are the differences or when i have to use one chart or the other, if somebody could explainme... i read the books and i dont understood. Sorry about my english, thanks and a happy new year for all!!!!!
  4. put the tester to check your td control!!!!
  5. sorry chief mi question is about wheels maintenance, thanks you
  7. hello to everybody, i have a doubt about the operation of the radar,in our planes the radar power is 115 ac y 28 dc from main.i wanna know if in the position stand by and antena down the antena stab is energized?
  8. hi friends we have some problems with the preurization system,and one question came to me, any body know what is the normal time to close complety for the safety valve,when i change de master swicht from air conditioning NO PRESS to MAN PRESS or AUTO PRESS??? in our plane its takes more tha 2 minutes,is this right??? THANKS YOU A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. hello to everybody, i have a doubt about if there is some type of limitation or restrictions to do a heavy cargo airdroop with a kc130 whitout the fuselage tank.we use the h models to do this kind of missions but i wanna know if i could use a kc model because the cargo door is diferent ''flares launchers'' thanks to all of you friends!!!!
  10. hello guys i need to now in wich condition of aligment i could start the engines or move the plane. i saw on the books that starting the engines causes a more slowly aligment of the ltn 72 and i must not move the plane until the system is completed alligned, but some people said to me that i can start the engines or move the plane on certains conditions of aligment. THANKS YOU!!!!
  11. 1 the model of aircraft is the L-100 382g 2 and its happend on the engine number 2 after the engines 3 and 4 have started
  12. hi friends my doubt is about what to do when i start the engine in hot wheathers conditions and rpm doesnt estabilize at LSGI the situations is this : the engine starts normaly i see good fuel flow, good tit, good air pressure but near to 70% of rpm the engine doesnt estabilize at LSGI and the secundary fuel pump light beigins to flash.then i shutdown that engine and try next start whit de td sistem in NULL and the situation is exactly the same. i really know that maybe the failure is in the td system ( td valve or td control) or could be the engine fuel control. i know that the flight manual said if the rpm doesnt estabilize at LSGI you must shutdown the engine but i see some pepople who in this situations retract the throttle so the blade angle of the propeller decrease that way the rpm estabilize or some of them pull the LSGI switch so the rpm rise to normal ground idle and the engine estabilize.Now this techniques not always work in some cases the rpm go down and them shutdown the engine.My question is if there is some technique that we can use to help engine rpm estabilizes instead shutdown the engine. THAT IS ALL, I WANNA THANKS YOU GUYS FOR HELP ME TO BE A BETTER FLIGHT ENGINEER.
  13. Hello again friends i need some help.im looking for a place where i can download all the servicenews published by lockheed. Thanks to all of you!!!!!!!!!
  14. hello i need to know when i can turn on the floor heat in the check list or if there is some limitations to use it. we have b,h3,l-100-30 models. thanks guys,and sorry about my english, i will improved it
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