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  1. I cant remeber if 54H60 props are overhauled at 5500 hours or if this has changed to on condition. If you know and have a reference can you please reply. Thanks
  2. Hello, Does anybody know the airspeed limitation for flying with an inoperative APU door actuator stuck in the full open position, 35 degrees. If so please let me know reference. I know for annual FCF's APU's are checked at 20,000' and max of 200 knots, but door is only opened to 15 degrees in flight. Thanks
  3. The p/n in IPB's are obsolete for the engine wash carts, does anybody know of a vendor that sells? Preferbly one in which all four engines can be hooked up at same time. Thanks
  4. Does anybody happen to have the p/n for the dynamometer (scale) used between hoist and engine or prop slings durin r&r? I thought it would be in job guide, but no joy.
  5. Thanks fellas, R&R'ed the touch down relay and for now all is good. This has been a repeat discrep so will continue to monitor. Thanks again
  6. Looking for some troubleshooting help with the ant-skid system. During taxi after flight, below 15 knots, with anti-skid sytem on we have no nomal brakes, when anti-skid system switched off normal brakes work fine. We have already changed two control boxes, both control valves, all 4 transducers and normal brake selector valve, no joy. Anti-skid system works as advertised during system checks. We are currently checking all wiring, but so far all seems good. Any suggestions would be great. Respectfully
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