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    this Aircraft is 64-0507 63-7785 was W/O 6/66 in SV
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    64-0523 @ Pope AFB NC 1965 Tom2
  3. tomorrow 12/29/2017 lost 64-0547 in NV It's on the calender. took 25 yrs to find her tom2
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    I don't about there patch but sounds good. tom2
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    casey looking at pic 1 we were Det. 1 314 TCW 2 WE WERE WORKING FOR CINPAC AKA CIA SO TAC MIGHT NOT WORK TOM2
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    Bob or Casey In researching MACV-SOG Aircraft found 64-130E 64-0567 The Aircraft in the 1965 listing in the nose art it shows the S/N Thanks Tom2
  7. tinyclark new to replying do you still have your book if so may I buy it from you. I'm working on list of BLACKBIRDS from the early days thanks in advance
  8. Casey: Orginal maintance member of Combat Spere (Straygoose) 1966-1967 (4) birds 64-0547, 64-0561, 64-0562,64-0563. we flew 30 min. intrail formation from POPE AFB to CCK became Det. 1 314TCW move to NhaTrang early Oct. 66 63 des. Oct. 67, 47 des. Dec. 29,1967 All 4 had STARS equip. we had 6 trained flight crews. C-130E (1) Skyhook birds. thanks tom2
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