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  1. Dutch, did you reply to me saying that you had some info about the a/c numbers for C-130As? If you do and wouldn't mind sharing, I sure would appreciate it. It seems to me that I remember numbers 002, 005, and 513. I was at Naha between June '66 and Dec '69 in the 21st TAS. I think that we started out with squadron maintenance and silver a/c and painted them and went to wing maintenance. It seem like we were always going back and forth between sq and wing maintenance. I liked it better at the squadron level; how about you? My e-mail address is [email protected] Leon Vaughan (L. T. )
  2. I'm trying to get some info on A models that were from Naha Okinawa. Was that one, 56 0483 from there?
  3. I flew A models in Southeast Asia between June 1966 and December 1969. We were stationed at Naha Okinawa and flew to Cam Rhan Bay where we were TDY. From there we flew missions in South Viet Nam. I flew several missions into Kha Sanh during the siege. Does anyone remember any of the tail numbers of A models that flew there during that time? I'm trying to put together a paper and am interested in tail numbers and unit tail markings on aircraft from Okinawa.
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