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  1. I kinda figured as much, but I wanted to ask. Thanks again for the info!
  2. With the serial number, can someone look-up the tail number a seat was originally installed on? I've asked the guy I got it from and no response on that; although he did reply back he might have a lead on a lap belt. I looked at a street view of the address he gave on S. Wilmot Rd in Tucson and saw a 130, but the tail number wasn't visible.
  3. Anyone have any leads on where to get a decent, reasonable priced , MD-2 lap belt and/or MB-2 shoulder harness? Someone I know sent me a link to a place that has them new, for about them price I paid for the seat itself! For that matter, I found an MB-1A shoulder harness for a reasonable price. It looks very similar. What do y'all think - would that be a suitable sub? Even for a den/bar chair I wouldn't want something too different; as long as it fits and doesn't looks like something jury rigged.
  4. I just want to touch it up.
  5. What did you replace them with, the later ones that recline?
  6. MetalBasher, don't know if you got the PM I sent; but basically what are the "Proud AMC Image" interior colors? I think I had more hours in the newer color seats than the sea foam. Thanks.
  7. Thanks to all for the help, especially Tiny and Bill. One other thing, it doesn't look green. It looks more (bluish) gray to my eyes. I'll have to go out to the airport and look at it again. Maybe it was repainted? These pictures are the ones he sent me before I bought it. I haven't taken any myself yet. Yes, I cut the straps off. There was a second one when he shipped it. I
  8. Dude, you are awesome! If you get down to the New Orleans area or Keesler (I live between them & work at KAFB), dinner's on me.
  9. Thanks! I'd also appreciate any general information like the shoulder harness or seat belt is a type "MC-2D". I made that up, but eBay lists an old harness with the type number. But part numbers would be a definite start.
  10. I have an Flight Engineer's seat, probably from an E model, that I want to eventually put in a corner of my den. It looks in good shape, but I'm looking for information on it to fix it up. Can anyone give a paint spec, the seat belt & shoulder harness model/type, and any information such as NSN or model of the tracks that it rode on? Thanks.
  11. I bet I'm not the only one who wants a -130 seat, an FE's of course. Just put some more comfortable padding on it, tighten things up a bit, and put it on a really sturdy set of wheels.
  12. Thanks Don, but I couldn't find where specific patches would go. Specifically, 30 years ago would the ARRS patch go where the MajCom patch does or on the left shoulder? I'm trying to help someone who has some patches, but somehow lost or gave away the (relative's?) jacket a long time ago; now he's gotten a surplus jacket and wants to put the patches back on as they were back then. Thanks.
  13. I'm trying to find out for someone what MajCom patch would the Portland guys be wearing and what would be on the left shoulder of the flight jacket, 30 years ago?
  14. Our WC's, ex-HC's, had 3 bunks in the cargo compartment - 2 above the left wheelwell and 1 above the right scanner window aft of FS 245. All of them that is, except 4 that had been converted to regular trash haulers in the early '90's before being reconverted back to WC's again. I guess the bunks have been removed from them all now. I not only used them inflight (when there was a second engineer) but also slept at the Herky Hilton several times at the Sun 'n Fun Airshow!
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