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  1. Hey...no, the last two post are exactly what I'm looking for....thanks; so would you say that this procedure is done in part because of the specific use of JP8. It seems that we would want the temp in the combustion chamber to be hotter in order to prevent "coking" or carbon build up on the fule nozzels and not cooler. lastly, is there any credence to the claim "it saves the turbines?"
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    why do we LSGI for two minutes prior to shutdown.....I've know "save the turbines," "prevent clogging up the fuel nozzles" and "to eliminate coaking" Are all these equally valid reasons? If so what exactly is taking place; beside the obvious 69-75.5, bleed air valves opening etc. I don't understand how LSGI prevents "coaking".
  3. obviously the tach generator is self powered, but does it generate an AC current to power the dial or does it possibly use DC. My pubs don't really address it. The brush plate interaction on the pickup is normally a DC characteristic, but i can't help but say it's AC. thanks for any help.
  4. thanks tiny, man i knew something stunk in denmark.....just couldn't deny what i heard though. seems inconsequential but i understand the adbantages of ac power, but what are the advantages of DC power? why use both?
  5. I'm trying to find any information that might verify that the C-130's original electrical design was meant to be DC only. Also does anyone know why definitavel that they went the AC and DC route? I remember an instructor at LRAFB telling me that the C-130 was meant to be DC only but can't remember why it was or why for sure they changed it.
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