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  2. was stationed there from 66 to 67 in the 4442. worked phase dock for MR. Flyn. great duty and loved the area. to bad the closed it and left other rat holes open.
  3. I just had the same experience with the VA. I was trying to get assistance with hearing aids. but according to their procedures even with my SEA time and 26 years with C130's I don't qualify.
  4. also as a veteran, thanks to all that have served and are serving now. I was selected to participate as a veteran in the parade here in town today. great honor.
  5. an operational supplement is in work to revise the caution in TO 1C-130H-2-10JG-00-1 section 10-20-01,which states "DO NOT USE MECHANICAL RESTRAINING DEVICES ON FLIGHT CONTROLS UNLESS IT NOT FEASIBLE TO PRESSURIZE THE HYDRAULIC SYSTEM OR AIRCRAFT DOES NOT HAVE HYDRAULIC SYSTEM CAPABILITY" GUST LOCKS (RUDDER/ELEVATOR p/n 7435084, AILERON P/N 7937793 are the preferred method to prevent flight control surface wind damage irrespective of the hydraulic system status. ensure contour clamps are not used as gust locks.
  6. in a maintenance advisory put out by Jason Peaster, Engineer equipment specialist Ed Minter the rudder/elevator gust locks are p/n 7435084 are preferred ones . their ph# is DSN 468-5365 and 472-8603.
  7. if and when the info on the Spectre crew is available, woul like to see it. I was with the 16SOS for several years.
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