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  1. I believe he is talking about the pully assemblies we use in conjunction with the static line retreivers for CDS airdrops. The -9 is the loadmasters bible/TO for onloading/offloading and airdrop of equipment. Thunder: I looked around but couldn't find a P/N for you.
  2. I've been bitten by a herk several times the last few years but last night was a good one. I was taking a chem stick off of the forward escape hatch, the bastard came unassed and got me in the face. I got a nice cut right next to my eye and a small cut on the nose. Got any good herk bites to share?
  3. Heard of'em, seen one, never used it though. Nowadays it's calculators, PDA's, and if you're on J's, their mission computers.
  4. I know this thread is a bit old, but perhaps I can provide some insight tosome questions: I don't have a definite answer, however it sounds like the introduction of the cup/spring as well as the slip clutch on the Western Gear winches *could* be the answer. The way we brief it today goes something like this: Troop door: If it's anything other than the static line (i.e green), it's the jump masters, if it's the static line (i.e. yellow), it's the Loadmasters. Priority in a training environment is to retrieve regardless of the condition of the paratrooper, secondary is to cut. Indication of consciousness is given when the paratrooper maintains a tight body position and has both hands on the reserve, it's also *as briefed* according to our publications. Ramp and door: Priority is to cut if conscious, secondary is to retrieve. Yes, this is true, an alternate method is to use a 5000lb strap also. In our books, it tells us that if the slip clutch is failing, determine the cause for the overload, remove it, then continue with rewind procedures. Take that as you will. I've never used it, however there are cutouts in the troop door that allow the installation of the bar, it goes under the static lines, there's nothing cosmic about it. Pretty much anything other than the Western Gear with and w/out slip clutch are efficent. IIRC there are 5 different kinds of winches out in the system: Western Gear w/out slip clutch Western Gear w/slip clutch Airresearch Able Corp Tally
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