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    First 68 months in the US Air Force I was in the Strategic Air Command (SAC) in the Supply Field. My duty stations were Castle AFB, CA, Goose Bay, Labrador, and Vandenberg AFB, CA.

    November 1966 started Aircraft Loadmaster Technical Training and was assigned to the 14th MAS, C-141A aircraft, Norton AFB, CA, in Feb 1967. July thru October 1968 I attended C-130 Aircraft Loadmaster Transition training, at Pope AFB, NC and Sewart AFB, TN in December 1968, was reassigned overseas to the 21st Tactical Airlift Squadron (TAS) at Naha AB, Okinawa. December 1968 thru April 1971, his C-130A model crew flew combat airlift missions, 15 days plus each month, out of Cam Rahn Bay AB and Tan San Nhut AB in Vietnam. The missions were the usual trash hauler, Blind Bat and Special Projects (E Flight).

    In May 1971, I was reassigned to the 7th MAS, C-141A at Travis AFB, CA. I was reassigned to the 60th MAW Airlift Control Element (ALCE), from 1973 to 77. The primary Loadmaster duties were training other military service units and US government agencies in the preparation of their equipment, documentation, and personnel for airlift. After this duty I was reassigned to the 86th MAS at Travis as a C-141B Loadmaster and Squadron First Sergeant. In September 1978 I made my final transfer to the 53rd MAS at Norton AFB, CA. During this period until retirement in July 1987, I flew worldwide airlift missions and for four years was also Squadron First Sergeant.

    Upon retirement I joined Northrop Corporations Aircraft Division in Hawthorne, CA. For the two years at Northrop, I worked in the Black World (Department of Defense classified) Security and Computer Departments. This was a 190 mile round trip commute on the Los Angeles freeways.

    June of 1989, I joined the San Bernardino County, CA Marshals Office as a Deputy Marshal Technician. I performed field duties, attempting to locate personnel for service of authorized court documents. The final 14 months of duty I established
    procedures for and set up a new position that was placed under contract to the San Bernardino County Juvenile Division to search out and locate Juveniles and their parents, when they failed to attend Juvenile Court proceedings.

    My second and final retirement took place in August 1999.
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  1. Unsure where you got your information for the first four listings. I was a LM in the 21st TAS at Naha AB, Dec 1968 – Apr 1971, and our C–130A tail codes were YD – 21st TAS, YJ – 35th TAS, YP – 41st TAS, and YU – 817th TAS. John H Moore, SMSgt Ret
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