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    World War 2 Army Air Force,US Civil War


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    C-130 B Models Aircraft Flightline Mech. Forbes AFB,Kansas, 313th TCW, 47th TCS Feb 1966 thru June 1967
    C-130 E Models Aircraft Flightline Mech/780 Equip. CCK AFB,Taiwan, 314th TCW/TAW, 345th TCW/TAS June 1967 thru July 1968.
    C-130 E Models Aircraft Flightline Mech, Sewart AFB, Tennessee 4442nd OMS July 1968 thru Jan 1969. Discharged.
    Lockheed Aircraft Marietta,Ga, Assembly C-130 also C-5A Feb 1969 thru Oct 1971.
    1971 thru 1981 did aircraft field team work around the country. KC-135,O2A,C-54,F-100.
    Got FAA Airframe and Powerplant License 1980.
    Went back to Lockheed in 1981 and retired in 2007. Assembly mech on the C-141B Stretch Model. QA Supervisor on the C-5B Program, QA Supervisor on the Korean P3C program.QA Supervisor on the C-17 Pylon Program and C-130 Expermental Mockup, C-141 Wing Program, F-22 QA Supervisor, F22QA Flightline Manager.
    Happy married with three children and six grandchildren.
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    Retired from Lockheedmartin 2007
  1. Dusty, I left the 47th at Forbes AFB in June 1967. There were no tail letters at that time. Also none on the 48th TCS. I arrived at CCK Taiwan June 1967 in the 345th. The letters were DH. The 50th and the 776th were also in the 314th Wing. There letters were DL and DE. I don't recall any on the Black 130's from Natrang Det 1 314th as having any letters. Did you know a maintence type named Joe Zepeda? He was my best friend in Forbes and CCK before going to Natrang. Earl
  2. Earl

    Herk bites

    Winter 1966 at Forbes was working on the 245 bulkhead. I bent over to pick up something and when I raised back up the door/panel had swung open and I hit the edge solid with my head. 44 years ago and it is still fresh in my mind. Still get a head ache when I think about it. Another time at CCk at nite I jumped up a ladder to do a engine inlet inspection. The bridge of my nose connected with the edge of one of the prop blades and knocked me cold. Still got this great dent on the bridge of my nose from it. Those were the days
  3. Found these in a old box in the attic.
  4. Some old cards I thought some of you would like to see. Earl
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