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    USAF 1968-1972. Stationed at Naha AB, Okinawa 1969-1971. Aircraft Electrician (42350) C-130A models. 317th TAC. Flew with "E-Flight" 21st TAS 1970-1971. Stationed at Richards-Grebaur AFB, MO. for duration of enlistment. While at Naha, I did TDYs to Tan Suh Nhut and Cam Ranh Bay bases. While in "E-Flight" I stayed with the plane support crew at Takhli & Udorn Thailand. While at RG AFB I did TDY to NKP Thailand working on C-130 and C-119 gunships.
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  1. Hey there! They left Naha and went to Ubon. I ran across Delon was when my crew was on it's way back to Naha from a stint at either Takhli or Udorn and had stopped there for some reason. I didn't get to see Fred before I left. True to form, Delon hit me up for $20 before we departed. It's interesting, the memories that come back when jogged. Phil
  2. Hi James, Unfortunately, 40 yrs took it's toll on my memory. I don't recall those names. I was stationed at Naha from '69 to '71 and started E-flight in '70. I was one of the aircraft electricians in the crew. Phil
  3. 40 yrs ago, Naha AB 374th FMS I was an electrician back then (42350). Problem with a Herk in the hangar. I'm sent to check it out, no CC around, planes's dark, so I go onboard and walk in the cargo area and I'm falling! A section of floor was removed, no placards, no warnings. I got pretty banged up and my tools went everywhere. Needless to say I was pretty pissed so I kicked a few piles of floor screws. Another time I was in the phase docks checking out the NESA. Like an idiot I didn't remove my high school ring and when it got across the edge of the glass and the frame it lit me up pretty good! That was the last time I wore any jewelry until I got out.
  4. Jeff, take a look at the pics I uploaded. You'll see Rusell Davis, Valentio Jimenez, Robert Wilson and Alvin Gardner. I took these in the Elect. shop, way back then. Phil
  5. No Gary, It's my memory that's failing! When I read the name Roofner a memory came back of the time when he came up to me and said "Come with me. I want you to meet some people." That was when I became one of the E-Flight crew. I remember the commander telling me that they would do a "background check". Little did I know what that actually meant! A few weeks later, I went with Roofner on my first trip. You're right. Roofner was crazy! Phil
  6. Hello Jeff, 40 years is a long time and I'm rackin' the brain cells trying to remember you. Somewhere, I have some slides of that time in our lives and I remember a party at TSGT Lucero's house where I took a group shot. Do you remember being at that party? I'm going to find those slides and scan them. Phil
  7. That would be me. I was just a kid! 20 yrs old in 1970. I was stationed at Naha '69-'71. Aircraft Electrician on the "A" models. Took a guy's place in E-Flight in '70. I left Naha in May '71. I think his name was Fred. He was red-headed and stocky. He always hung around with a guy named Delon. They both left Naha for Ubon, Thailand. I remember Fred had a '57 or '59 Ford at that time also. Those were some great times, weren't they? Takhli, Udorn, an occasional overnight in Bankok, or in Balibagos, outside of Clark AB in the P.I. Phil
  8. I can't remember what he looked like, but I must have known him. I was there during that time and I too was in E-Flight. I was one of the aircrat electricians assigned to E-Flight back then. I was 20 yrs old. Man, what an experience! Phil
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