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  1. Great tips! Thanks again for the help.
  2. I know the Peterson 130s help with fire-fighting and the Pope birds fly for the 82nd Airborne frequently. What other squadrons have niche-type missions stateside? Thank you all for the help! I'm trying to gather as much as I can from my instructors and anybody else who will volunteer their opinion. By far, the most common advice for us 2LTs is 'Shut up, and listen to those with more experience.' Keep it coming!
  3. Howdy Herk veterans, I am enroute to the C-130 via the TC-12 down here in Corpus Christi, Texas. Our assignment drop will be in a few months, and I'm looking to narrow down my choices. I know I want slicks, but the first question is whether or not I should shoot for J-models? Is the loss of a full-sized crew worth gaining fancy avionics? Second, current active-duty slick locations include Little Rock, Pope, Ramstein, Dyess, Peterson, Cheyenne, and Yokota. If you were a young pilot about to start your career in the C-130, where would you choose to fly first? Thank y'all for your opinions and time, and I appreciate your current or previous service to the country.
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