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  1. I was a loadmaster in the 50th from Jan71- April 72. i would like to buy a copy of your book when you get it done. Bill Marks [email protected]
  2. I was a LM in the 50th ,1971 we flew part of Hope's tour in V/N. Got Drunk with Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors) in BK Thai, bet you can't beat that!! Bill Marks
  3. I was a loadmaster in the 50 TAS CCK 71-72. Did numerous bomb drops in V/N and cambodia. I have slides somewhere that I took of the extraction and blast. I followed it all the way to the ground, taking pictures laying on the back ramp. Just like a small nuke going off, big mushroom cloud!! We where at 5000 feet and you still got a bump from the blast. Long time ago. Bill Marks
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