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    I am an old hat. Spent 26 Years in the Airforce 24 of them on the good old Herky Bird. Started with the first 130-A and ended up with the H. Was a Flt Eng. and Crew Chief. Flew approx 15,000 Hrs. (Not all official) Could fill volumes with C-130 Hanger talk.
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  1. dgw39

    Old Times

    Spent a few hours at Dover AFB a few weeks ago. They have an H Model don' know the tail No. But got up into the Flight Deck and 20 Years went by. I went through the whole check list. knew every switch and knob by memory. Every time a 130 flys over my house my wife asks if I would still like to be up in that old bird and of course I am way ahead of her. Loved that airplane from the first Roman Nose A's to the last H's I flew and worked on.
  2. The photo was taken at Evereux AFB France in 1957. 464 was new with just a few hours on it. All early A's had Red tails and Wings. That guy in the middle is me with a New WW2 Parka. Engine change was being done. The early T-56 engines did not go many hours before change. The gear box's were going bad and 100 hours were good on an engine. 026 can be seen in the background. Hope this help to some degree:) I started on these great old birds and spent the next 26 years Maintaining and flying them.
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